I come from a tribe of packrats. For years I tried to hide in the shadows while my mother became a dumpster diva and my father a flea market owner and operator.

I have a little of this and a lot of that. I collect vintage things and stuff, I find (rescue) things, and occasionally my imagination will lend itself to something creative.

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Re: handle solution

I am currently redoing an old dresser, and you may have just helped me come up with a solution to a problem I was having. I just can't find any knobs or handles that look right. Not sure if I will use rocks, but I'll definitely be looking into other alternatives.

Thanks much for the inspiration I needed! Love the finished look of your dresser.

Re: more burn rescue

Every time you show pictures of your home, it makes me want to visit. I think I'd just be busy looking at EVERYTHING.

I Love Lucy Locket!

Re: Drawer Copy Cat

Be my friend! I want gifts like this!

Re: lamp my brother found in a dumpster

I should start posting some of my dumpster dive saves. My mother seems to have good luck finding some of the best stuff.

This is really a great find!

Re: Steel Spring Table

I would scoop this up in a minute if you'd let me. At first I thought you used a drum cymbal.

Re: Ta Da!


Re: Sew many things to do...with old drawers

What a great idea! Since working on my latest Christmas project that involved an old drawer, I have a new obsession. Give me all your old drawers!

This would make such a great gift for a sewing enthusiast. I look at it, and it reminds me of my grandmother. (Sewing was her hobby and passion.) Thank you for sharing; it made me smile.

Re: I used to be an onion box

I love this. I seem to be saying that a lot around here. I'm falling in love over and over and over!

Great feeling. :)

Love the end result of this. So much charm.

Re: Wall Collage

I love it when people aren't afraid to use color. Great stuff!

Re: Repurposed Bifold Closet Door to Screen Room Divider

I have been looking for something like this. What a great find, and what a great use of color! Love it!

Re: Beads & Buttons

I would wear these in a heartbeat!

Re: Chaining up the Ornaments!

This reminds me of those hard candies that are out at Christmas time. Ohh what are they called?

I love the things, and I can't remember what they are! (I should Google!)

Anyway, I love this. although, I guess I kinda want to eat your ornaments now. :)

Re: Vintage Potato Mashers find new life as ~ TaDa ~ Bud Vases!

These are definitely favorites of mine. I like how your mind works!

Re: Simple Christmas Basket

I love it when people use things like apples and other fruits for display. What a great use of what you have around you, ya know?

Simplicity isn't always easy to achieve. A lot of people find it so... difficult.

Welcome to the neighborhood. I joined not too terribly long ago myself. You'll find yourself so inspired!

Re: Fun Wood Pillars

I have a bunch of wooden bits and pieces waiting for me to do something with them. I "spring clean" about 4 times a year, and I can never get rid of the pedestals and things like that.

You've made me miss the ocean breeze!

Great stuff!

Re: Hope Inside...

Hope you don't mind, but I am dubbing this one, "Hope Springs Eternal".

Re: Vintage Glass Insulators Make Great Candles Holders!

LOVE this!

I am a fan of insulators and ended up with a box of them a few years ago for free, because someone just didn't want them anymore.

I was thinking about taking some jewelry wire and stringing some beads as ornaments around a couple of the insulators. I was going to turn them into Christmas trees. Haven't yet done that! I managed to make the topper for it, but that's as far as I've gotten.

Re: My first Mini Greenhouse from Old Windows

I saved a bunch of windows from a dumpster a couple of years ago just so I could do something like this. Of course, I haven't done it yet!

Yours came out so nice. I especially like the roof.

Re: It's a's a shell's a cigar box...No... it a vase!

I love the shell casing and the wooden spools. Love the bed warmer or whatever it is! I love all of it. You can never have too many flowers running around!

Re: Quick Project #2

I have a bunch of cheap vases and green bottles that are going to get used next spring.

Glad I ran into this idea of yours! Thanks for sharing.

Re: Upside Down Junk Tree

Thank you for making me laugh!

Re: More Junky Displays

I just love how you incorporate so many different things that aren't necessarily Christmas related. It's great!

I also love your gift tags. Great, great stuff!

Re: Christmas is REELY coming!

Now I want to get my hands on a hose reel!

Very nice display.

Re: "BR549, please"

What a treasure! I love this phone. Reminds me of the one my grandparents had.

Re: encyclopedias

Great, creative visions!

Re: Framing up a Favorite Item


Re: Holidays & Simple Abundance

I love and appreciate everything about this project. Thanks so much for sharing.

Re: Add a little Jingle to your Christmas!

This is an awesome idea. Love it!

Re: Patriotic Uncle Sam Snowman Candy Container - made from old bedspring

This is SO great! I love the hidden candy. The whole idea has so much creativity.

Re: And yes, there are more....


Re: Birthday Bird Bath for my Mom

My cat recently broke some Fiesta ware, and I've been wanting to make a mosaic. My last attempt was horrible, but seeing your birdbaths made me want to once again try another mosaic project.

Thanks so much for sharing. You've inspired me!

Re: Tomato cage altered Christmas tree

I used a tomato cage a few years ago for a Christmas tree. The thought of doing something like this didn't even cross my mind. Love your imagination!

Re: Winter Centerpiece

Elegant junk!

Re: Miss Galaxy Girl Found Object Sculpture I Made Last Night

I'm new to this neighborhood. Saw this lovely creature, and had to say how much I loved it. (I don't even like dolls, but this has so much imagination!)

Re: Use A Scarf Instead Of Wrapping Paper

Great idea!

Last year, at a flea market, I found a great vintage hand towel with a bunch of brightly colored birds on it. I used it as wrapping "paper" for a book on birdwatching.