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I have always believed in making others happy. It is a gift we all have the ability to give!

I love to create with trash. I once did an entire garden with many rooms made from trash. The admission to come to my garden parties was something they either didnt want or that was useless to them. SO FUN!!!

I would awaken to find strangers in my yard thinking it was a public garden and they would not believe only one woman could do it. It was a 17 year investment! Alas, we moved.

What a fabulous site!!!

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Re: Commercial Dishwasher Racks --- Ideas???

Line with silk or tissue paper (color of your choice) with rope lights inside with an oval/round mirror centered on it attach to wall for soft lighting. Displays sit on top and hang necklaces from bottom. Place a container on either side of the mirror for accessories. Combs or plants. Imagination goes wild! Great find!

Re: 1920's warehouse factory metal and glass windows from the scrap yard

Fantastic! WOW!
I love the table, screen ideas but with such a grouping it would be so cool to do a sitting/potting shed! All framed in with paned glass. Your little nook, home away from home... Oh! I am totally wishing I had them! Do SHARE your creations!

Re: How to Hang a Portrait with Junk

It looks like the base of a hurricane lamp to me, you see the "key" at the base that allowed one to turn the wick up or down.