Tobey McCool, Kamloops, BC, CA

I upcycle furniture and resell it or furnish my home with it. I also love to blog about my finds and projects. I am a mother grandmother and wife, and if I am not spending time with family then I am searching thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales for unique items.
my blog is Tobeystrashortreasure, or

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My harvest table restoration

This harvest table had been in a barn for years, i picked it up for 30 dollars and brought it home and restored it to match my hutch, very happy with how it turned out.

Piano stool makeover

I loved the look of this piano stool, but pink is not my colour. I thought I'll just bring it home and strip it and stain  It was an awful project, took me forever to get the pink paint...

Blue toy box gets a new look and a new purpose

A $3.00 dollar toy box becomes a storage chest. I wanted to try the crackling technique using white glue and stain, and although it is time consuming,I love the way the completed chest looks...

one hundred dollar diningroom

I bought this hutch at a second hand store for $35.00 and found this table in a barn at a yard sale, got it for $30.00 dollars. Brought them home and with some paint and stain and a little bit...

Mirro and Shelf get a new look

I found this mirror and shelf at a second hand store, picked it up for $2.00, a can of spray paint and a few hours and now a whole new look. I think they look amazing now

Mason Jar Soap Pump

I love mason jars and can't resist buying them when I see them at yard sales and flea markets. It took all of 5 minutes to make this one into a soap pump, now i have an excuse to have a mason jar in...

Recent comments

Re: Vintage Record Tidbit Display

Great use of old records, I melt them a bit in the oven and shape them into a bowl and use them for chips at Christmas.

Re: Anatomy of a "Junk" Room

Love the room it looks great. Good job

Re: Rescued from the Rubbish Pile! Makeover SUCCESS!

I have a table almost identical to yours and was not sure what to do with it. thanks for the motivation to paint mine as well. will post when I am done. Mine does not have the cut outs or the cute trim, i love that on yours

Re: My first Project

I have been rescuing old dressers and restoring them and giving them a new life for a while now, its nice to see someone else doing it too. I just finished a girls bedroom set that i picked up a piece at a time and made it all match, a girls desk and a baby dresser all sold now, currently I am thinking maybe a different paint job, other than pink or white, want to cater to teens now, do you think a skull and cross bones painted on a dresser or a flag is too much? want to try something off the wall

Re: Desk Before

I refinished a table very similar to this but with not so many coats of paint, the pic should be under my projects. I wanted it to match my hutch so I had to strip it right down too, once you put the paint stripper on, lay saran wrap over that area and let it sit a little longer, the saran wrap keeps the stripper from drying out and as it sits a little longer it eats through more layers of paint.Just peel off the saran wrap but make sure you use gloves at all times and dispose of all of this in a metal can that the stripper can't eat through. Be careful not to gouge into the wood when your scraping it off, use steel wool too and be sure to wash the stripper off so it does not keep working. have fun your table will look gorgeous when your done just take your time.


gorgoeus i would have been very excited to find that as well

Re: Special find!!

the trunk is gorgeous would be my favorite too

Re: Multi-Colored Jars

I would like to know how you did this too, I tried pouring paint in a mason jar to use it in my bathroom but it did not work, please let me know how you got the colour in these.

Re: Lampshade Bowls

Just saw these online and would like to know what type of glue you used to glue these together. Would love to try this project, thanks Tobey

Re: Sheep Pen Bathroom Cabinet

It's great that you have that vision and can see things for what they can be and not what they are, most people would just walk by that. You did a fabulous job of giving it a new life and a new look. love the sink, really adds character

Re: Measuring up

love it what a great idea, would love to do this project with rulers and yard sticks, if i could find enough.

Re: one hundred dollar diningroom

thank you for your nice comments, it was alot fun to do and I am quite happy with the finished product.

Re: Mason Jar Soap Pump

I bought the metal soap pump for $1.00 at the Salvation Army thrift store, the metal ones are hard to find. Most soap pumps have plastic pumps, still looking for a place where I can buy metal pumps. If I find a place I will let you know, if anyone else knows where to get them please let me know.

Re: Uncovering the color

I love the dresser too, I think the small drawer was used for handkerchiefs. You did a great job, looks great