I have five children that keep me very busy. But when I can find some time for myself, I love to garden and figure out what to do with all of the junk I either find on the curb or buy at the local thrift stores!

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Teacup planter

I found this pretty cup and saucer at the thrift store and thought what a great gift it would be to plant herbs in it. So I drilled a hole in the cup (in the back) and glued the cup to the saucer.

Window wall & vanity

The windows were rescued by my BIL as they were being taken away by a garbage truck!  Ugh.  So many were thrown away.  A sad shame!  We ended up putting them into a long hallway...

Country Candle Holder Makeover

I picked this stand up from the neighbor's trash years ago.  It was pretty bad, but I sanded the rust off of it, cleaned it up, painted it and then found this solid cast iron candle holder...

Once a mailbox.......

Don't have the before photo handy, but it had a pineapple painted on it.  It's serving me better as a toilet paper holder in my bathroom.  Holds up to 4 rolls!  Cost about $6 since I...

Light bar turned candle holder

I saw this light bar at a garage sale and had an idea for it as soon as I picked it up!  I needed a little something for my bay window display, and this completed it.  It took me about...

Shutter makeover

I needed a garbage can for my bar area, something a little different, and this was perfect!

Recent comments

Re: A Litte Bit Of This and That

Well done! And I agree on keeping all of those bits and pieces. I have a few bins full of them!! Your creation is the perfect example of why to hang on to those little treasures you pick up here and there.

Re: Teacup planter

Thanks, Retiredbp and Lizzy! Glad you like it. I've always seen the painted clay pots, but I had never seen teacups and saucers as planters. Probably because of the drainage factor. But since I had several of these sitting here, I thought this would be the perfect thing to use them for. I just had to drill the hole in them. I can't paint worth anything, so this was a better choice for me. :)

As long as you have drainage, small herbs will do well in them until you can transplant them outside in the spring. English Ivy and Aloe Vera would do well in them, or any slow-growing, small houseplant. I do a lot of gardening, so I experiment planting in all types of containers. :)

Have fun with your project, Retiredbp!

Re: Window wall & vanity

Thanks! We're pretty pleased with it. It's a great conversation piece! :)

Re: Art Deco Junk to Junque Chic

Great makeover. I love the stencil you added to it!


Re: Gross Old End Table

Looks much nicer now! Great job!


Re: Shutter makeover

Thanks, everyone. And Lani, it's actually painted with a faux rust finish. It's hard to tell from the photos, though. :)

I forgot to mention that I had to add a piece of wood in the bottom since these shutters were on the taller side. That way the bag didn't fall down through. Now it rests nicely on the piece of wood and the flaps wrap the perimeter of the garbage can lip. It's working out great. I chose to put the louver adjustments on the inside, so notches had to be cut out for those on the piece of wood, but you could always reverse the shutters and put those on the outside. :)


Re: Light bar turned candle holder

I actually had never seen this done before, so we must think alike konarskio! :) I like the way yours turned out too with the Christmas decorations.

Thanks, Lani. I'm always looking to repurpose things. It's quite addicting!


Re: Garden Art

Very nice. Looks easy enough for anyone to do! Can't wait to see the others. - Alicia -