Benjamin, TX, US

I was born and raised in Texas. I am married to my second husband for 15 years. I have 2 children, a boy and a girl. My first born Justin passed away 8 years ago at age 13 with the "rare" swimming disease Amebic Meningitis, he would have been 21. My daughter, Chloe,is now 16. She is a honor student, runs crosscountry, plays volleyball, basketball and on the pep squad.
I love to do all kinds of projects. I collect anything I find discarded and eventually find something to do with it. I also love to go to garage sales. My husband thinks I'm crazy sometimes but when I do something creative with my items he understands why I do it.

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Halloween Project

I had seen these in a magazine but ofcourse I did my own style.  They are jars, all sizes and shapes.  I used crate paper and mod podged it on jars and then cut out halloween cut outs on my...

repurposed cross picture frame for kids room

This is a project I decided to do one night for my daughter for the girls room in her house. The room is zebra with lime green, hot pink and purple accents.   It was an easy fun project and they...

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Re: Halloween Project

Thanks, I just figured out how to resize my pics so I could put them on here. I did work on these a few weeks before finishing all of them, I just did 21 of them.

Re: License Plate Bulletin Board

This is great. I collect license plates and this will be something I will try.

Re: Tub Settee

One more thing, my husband wants to know what they used to cut this bathtub.

Re: Tub Settee

Love, love, love this. I have always liked clawfoot bathtubs and this is the first time I have ever seen this done.

Re: Use for quilt tops

Great idea. I might use this one. I have used them for table cloths (only when not in use).

Re: Use for quilt tops

Great idea. I might use this one. I have used them for table cloths (only when not in use).

Re: found this antique dentist chair a few days ago

I would probably use it on my porch at Halloween. It looks scarey enough. But it is cool and I probably would have picked it up too.

Re: part of dollhouse?

I would put it in my garden/patio area with some hanging baskets off the porch and maybe some potted plants in front. Ofcourse I would have to hang some kind of sign on the front.