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Piano Bar

A new twist on the traditional "piano bar"...this is/was an actual upright piano, great in it's day, I'm sure.

My Hunky Chunky Coffee Table

I've been drooling over farm and industrial "cart turned coffee table" projects for forever.

Be Thankful at the Holidays

With the holiday season upon us, now is the time to reflect on the wondrous people and things around us that make our lives so full.

Etch yourself some Polka Dots!

Whether fancy and vintage or new and simple...glassware can be given a fabulous fun flair with a bit of etching.  Acid etching makes a permanent design that you won't have to worry about...

Bet you didn't know how sweet dripping wax could be!

Want to add a special touch to a spot in your room?  Make it romantic?  Believe it or not by just adding candlelight, your almost there.  Now give those candles a defined look by...

chippy white and wonderful hutch

Sometimes a junk jaunt will throw a surprise at you!  When placed side by side this dresser and hutch top brought on a lightbulb moment, revealing what only a "junker's eye" can see.  Lots...

Faux fireplace to warm your holiday.

Even a FAUX fireplace brings a certain sweetness to a room during the holidays, adding a touch of coziness and warmth.  Reinvented wood peices and some imagination bring this "pile" together...

Rusty repurpose!

Sometimes you have something around for years before it hits you, that Aha moment!  Take a rusty farm piece, some shoe forms for balance, and add some candles in vintage light globes...

A "candle-ier" and some thingamabobs...

Who wants to look at a sink full of dishes?!  A sweet sight in my kitchen is this vintage metal cart used as what I call "wine central".  Hanging above it is a candle chandelier with...

Back to life with a little TLC

Sometimes a junk hunt will reveal a piece that has been given a little too much attention. I saw potential in this simple enamel top, hoosier bottom cupboard...I had to look hard to see it! I...

Recent comments

Re: 8th Annual Autumn JunkFest & Flea Market

Georgia, that has to be the best idea I've heard in a long time! Our hearts bleed for the Kulsrud family. Andrea or I will check if there is an active account open for them at one of our local banks and comment with that information asap. Anyone interested in making an contribution to this family's extensive medical expenses please check back here, or contact one of us directly...our emails are in the "contact" tab on the top of the www.junk-fest.blogspot site.

The JunkFest Girls,
Missy Hafner, Cassie Smith, and Lynette Caylor

Re: Farm Implement Repurpose

Loving this! But why are those bottles of wine still full? Maybe I need to come over for a visit!

Re: Stylish Wine Cart


Re: Recycled Piano

I know how much work goes into taking apart those old pianos...but they sure make for fabulous projects. Love this!

Re: Great Work Bench Island or Bar

Whoa!! This is a fabulous piece!! Great repurpose!

Re: Christmas ornament - REPURPOSED

When I saw on FB that you were doing a project with these, it peaked my curiosity...you see I have some various shapes of these too. Now I'm just flippin' giddy to see your finished product! LOVE!

Re: Wheel Serving Platter

Oh Andrea, be still my heart! You are so clever!

Re: Junkified Christmas decor (part 2)

Donna, you never disappoint. Love your mix of junk and festive!

Re: Be Thankful at the Holidays

Thanks, Sue, for the feature! I started this post as a group of comical gift giving suggestions...but once I started (other than the T.P.) I decided to put a different perspective on some of the common things we have...good CAN be done even with some of the luxury items.

Happy Holidays!


Re: Industrial Ambiance

I LOVE this repurpose...is it my birthday present??? Congrats on the feature!!


Re: I like angels -- in a BIG way!!

I think your angel is Super Sweet!

Re: Cavity Cap Mirror

Hey, Girl!! I loved this so much when you entered it on SYTYCD...and I'm thrilled to see it again!! Great funky repurpose.


Re: The Junkers at the AAJMS Spring 2010 Gala

We had such a wonderful time at the Gala, and out for an evening with a great bunch of junk lovers like us! Great getting together with our junking friends and so glad we had the opportunity to finally meet a few more!

Kathy...you just never know which way the ND wind will blow us next!!!

Missy-SweetMelissa of JunkFest

Re: Bedspring Tablescape...and a little wine too!

This is awesome! And there's MORE of it on the blog:


Re: Bedspring Tablescape...and a little wine too!

This is awesome! And there's MORE of it on the blog:


Re: French Table Scape

Absulutely gorgeous! Can't wait to check out your blog...


Re: Tick-Tock Table

Very cool! Love the transformation!


Re: Stylin' Centerpiece

Such a clever girl...ND JunkGirl, that is!! ;)


Re: Junk-displayed photographs

Andrea, you did a great job putting this display together! If anyone is interested in more details of this display please visit our blog.



Re: A Good Place To Nest

This is so sweet! I'm a sucker for bird's nests, and this is a great way to incorporate some good junk in the mix.


Re: Unique "Black Dot" Foundry Mold Table

Industrious beauty! Doesn't get any better than that!


Re: Bet you didn't know how sweet dripping wax could be!

"Copy" is such a challenging word. I prefer to consider it opportunity for inspiration!! Everyone deserves to enjoy shared ideas from blogland!


Re: Literally, A SPRING Wreath

Love this Becky!

Re: "Do you have Prince Albert in a can?....Well you better let him out"

Funny! I can't repeat the ones I know. heehee


Re: Reclaimed headboard Now coat/hat rack

I have a back piece form an old pressback chair...this would be a good way to make it wonderful! Thanks for sharing!


Re: "Wander/Watch/Nest" Necklace

Oh, Gretchen, this is fabulous! I look at this piece and it speaks to me...about certain events in my life. Very nice!


Re: Patina or Dirt???

We really should get "hazard" pay for junking!! heehee

Re: Sign -Up Complete! See Sue's Comment Below for Next Steps

Nothing like waiting till the last minute!! I'M IN!!!

Re: chippy white and wonderful hutch

Judi, the burlap is in the back behind the dishes. Sorry the pic doesn't show it well. I just tacked it in with upholstery tacks. It should stand out more soon because just to the left of the hutch an old screen door with a burlap panel will go on the pantry. Needs a coat of poly yet...so will post soon!!

Thanks all for you nice comments!

Re: Well Worn, But Well Loved . . .

Oh! DROOL!! I won't buy a piece of ironstone or pottery unless it has a chip or crazing! I call it Aged Perfection. And every time I look at one of mine it makes me happy knowing it was well used and loved.

Re: Faux fireplace to warm your holiday.

Thanks! And thanks for saying that, Andrea. It REALLY was much nicer than the picture shows. Wish I would have taken a few more pics but seems to me we were BUSY, BUSY, BUSY. These "heap" to treasure projects are just the most rewarding!!

Re: Table with burned top

Not only did you give your table a really cute top...but a very durable one too!! Nice job!

Re: Winter Centerpiece

Fabulous mix of wonderful nostalgic items!!

Re: Prize

Some N.D. JunkGirls headed your way on Saturday. See you then!!

Re: Vintage Redesign Jewelry - From Raw Elements to Fun

Gretchen, these are wonderful! I wore my wonderful necklace from you at JunkFest today (the one with the key and crown,etc). Everyone who saw it LOVED IT!! Handed out alot of your cards so I hope you get call after call!!

Re: How To Resize Photos

Candy, great idea to share this tip! The JunkGirls and I share our tips and tricks with each other all the time to make blogging fun and not a hassle. Here's an alternative to resize photos in a different program:

NOTE: ALWAYS make a copy of your photo and give it a different name (especially if you're forgetful or "save as" isn't an option in a particular program) so you don't permanently alter the quality of your original photo.

If you have Microsoft Office Picture Manager...open the copy of your photo in that.
Click on "edit pictures"
Click on "resize"
Click the arrow beside "predefined width and height"
Choose "web-small"
Click "ok"
Save your resized picture to the desired folder.

Re: Faux Fireplace

Wonderful vision on this fireplace! What an inspiration!!

Re: Still Getting ready for Vintage Treasures Market

Having prepared and set up for JunkFest for four years, going on our fifth, I can appreciate the work you girls are doing! Good luck with your sale and may the weather fairy bring you a beautiful day!!

Re: Heavy Table Makes a Mighty Statement

Love the rust, the colors, the patina...love it all! You have a knack!

Re: Vintage Redesign with Artbeads items

These creations are wonderful! I really enjoyed how you describe them in detail on your blog. Thanks for sharing!


Re: One of My Top Ten - Cloches!

Nicely done, Lani! Love them all! When Cassie had mentioned turning a wine glass upside down to make a cloche on the Junk-Fest blog, I thought it sounded like a grand idea. So glad you had a pic of it...now I'm convinced it's a "must-do"!!

Re: "Vintage Redesign Take 2"

You have great vision with these wonderful vintage peices! Looks great!!

Re: It's "time" for spring...and cloches!

You do a wonderful job dispaying, Andrea!! And I got a kick out of your "list" on the Junk-Fest blog. Obviously you have a bit of a "thing" for cloches!!!

Re: Feeling "all" Right - Coffee Table

The cool table, the Corona, the limes...makes me feel like summer is almost here. :) Love it.

Re: Felted crazy quilt

This looks to be the making of an wonderful heirloom someday. And what a beautiful bed it's on. I have a dear friend that loves to "felt" wool, you should check her out... www.quiltingbydarcie.blogspot.com

Re: Doing some light sewing...

Great way to repurpose a wonderful old machine!

Re: Junk to Pretty - $7.00 table

Wow! At first glance I thought the tree WAS contact paper, but after looking again, how neat that you used the wood of the table to make a great "wood" tree!! And it looks great in your room.

Re: Old Rusty Plumbing Knob Shelf!

What a great shelf for your son. Aren't air nailers just the best??? Hey, and thanks for the quick rusting tips!

Re: Large table made from 2 x 10 lumber

Awesome job! The table looks great...and I bet it weighs a little bit, huh?!

Re: Junk Mail from Candy!

Wonderful! To think I missed out on the motherload a few years back... our small school closed and had an auction. Had I been following the JM Site back then, I probably would have bought the entire science department!! I love the inspiration from all the wonderful posts here, and the special touches like the button flowers and Candy's packaging prove that "junking" is truly a wonderful lifestyle.

Re: It's 'Sew' Easy To Pretty Your Home

What clever ways to display, and a sweet and fun greeting for a friend.

Re: Picture Book . . . Na, na, na, na, na na.

Nice display! Love the green and black together, and the photo theme items are great. Now, I can't carry a tune to save my life...what song do those words go to? ( I'll make my sweetie sing it for me-HA)

Re: Deep Fried Decor - A Floral Welcome

Metal baskets are just the best! And now it's "heart healthy"! Thanks for all the wonderful eye candy you share...

Re: Family Tree

How cute and easy is that! And the sepia tone photos are perfect.

Re: "B"ounty

I agree with JennyK. No need to do a thing with this "B"ig "B". "B"ecause it is very "B"ecoming on it's own!! Although once you find the perfect spot for it, since it's 9" deep you could use the top and the two openings as shelves for some cute things that start with.......B!

Re: China Cabinet Re-Done

Wow. I can picture the "before" but this after looks great. Love black, of course, and love the beadboard and crown molding!

Re: Old Doors

With your headboard and the chandelier the bedroom looks so GRAND!

Re: File It!

Love your colors. Who would have thought a boring old filing cabinet could look so great?! And...I love the baskets on top!!

Re: Simple Piano Roll Projects

All of these are so nicely done. You have great vision!

Re: "JUMP THROUGH THIS!!??!!" (project #1)

These are wonderful. I have memories of painting at Grandma's house with these too....we were such good artists (or so we thought). My sisters and I just recently went through some of these things and to my dismay I think we donated these to the local thrift store. I might have to go shopping tomorrow!

Re: Piano Roll - Paper Roses!

I've been loving the piano roll projects, but I have to say, I think this is my favorite. Nice work!

Re: Kitchen Redo

Oooh...I have cupboard envy! You did a wonderful job and made your kitchen feel so inviting. (does this make it easier to come up with ideas for dinner?!)

Re: Mailbox turned table...

This is great! Good save....just think where it would have ended up without you??!!!

Re: Mood lighting on the porch

The more I look at your posts, the more I'm convinced you live in the faraway place of fairytale land....and how fun it must be! I love the whimsy. Thanks for sharing it with us!!

Re: Cinderella Story

Your display is as sweet as can be! Love the vintage "innocence" with the child's shoe and children in the picture.


Good idea! Seems like I'm forever trying to find a good way to store that kind of item and still have it handy to use.

Re: Berry Basket Frame

Fun idea! And LOVE your grocery cart table!!

Re: Back to life with a little TLC

It is actually real chicken wire (over a "chicken" panel of fabric). I loved adding some texture to this project. The bottome shelf is lined with fabric too. Then I sealed it with polylcrylic so it would be washable.

Re: Tin Ceiling Tile Picture

Great projects! The tin tiles in the frame are my favorite!


Benches are always a good find!

Re: tin can gifts

Fun!Fun! And this could be done with any theme...hmmm...anyone want soup for supper?

Re: Photo Wall

This is wonderful! There's nothing better than having cherished photos "out" where they can be seen, to remind us of our blessings. Lovely display.

Re: Welcome Wagon

This is a great rusty piece. It would make a sturdy base for a votive holder with a candle or a "rust"ic vase for some flowers.

Re: Valentine Fun

These are very SWEET, with such a nice vintage look!

Re: 1920's warehouse factory metal and glass windows from the scrap yard

Holy cow! Jackpot!!!! I love, love old windows, especially those with many panes. Please do share what you decide to do with these.

Re: Salvaged Brass Keyhole Necklace

What a fun way to "repurpose" these. The touch of red glass dresses them up and the words make them fun all at the same time! Thanks for sharing your idea!

Re: Junk Magnets on a Snow Day!

Aren't scrabble tiles the best! Right now I have some out to say "frosty", "snowman", "snowflake", and "brrr". Snow???!!!...UHGGG!

Re: My Potting Shed

I'm filled with envy! What a fun backyard retreat.

Re: Transformed Bathroom Cabinet

What a cute "conversation" piece. Great use of a vintage wood crate!

Re: A true "junky" to "funky" transformation

Having seen this wonderfully repurposed piece in person, I know that even though it looks great in the pictures...it's even better up close. It has a wonderful time-worn rusty patina and fits into its new home beautifully! Great job, junk sister.

Re: Altered Art Card

This is adorable! Love the vintage appeal.

Re: How to Make a shelf out of a Infants bed

OMG! I have one of these...hanging in my "junk" storage building just waiting for me. When I came across mine (hanging high up in a quonset where a sweet widowed lady was selling her husbands many finds as an auctioneer)I fell in love with it's shape, style, patina, you name it--I just loved it. I tried researching it and only came up with a late 1800's "plantation baby bed" for use in the cotton fields. I've been pondering for a few years now putting glass across the top and making a coffee table out of it...but you're right...a bit too large. I love your idea of hanging it with the shelving. I might even be able to get away with leaving the legs folded to keep it intact in case I decide to use it for something else later. Thanks for sharing your great idea!


This is a great idea. Lovers of the good old doily are far and few between anymore but one has to remember the work that went into them. This is a great way to repurpose, and since they're simply slipstitched together, this could be done with family heirlooms without cutting or destroying the original. I might have to dig some out of the drawer and "funkify" a runner for my table too!

Re: Any Suggestions? Ideas?

What a fun and unique find! Paint and shabby it the color of your choice. Then, find a cute little lamp to set inside for a nightlight effect. The cord can just drape out the back...Wa Laa...no wiring needed. For a little more of a "dressed up" look, hang some dangly crystals around the top or base with cuphooks or upholstry tacks. Enjoy!