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Great Work Bench Island or Bar

I found this old bench and transformed it into a work station or you could sit at it and eat a great meal

Recycled Piano

My son and I took apart an old upright piano. Then we put it back together our way.

Refrigerator Spice Cabinet

I took this old fridge door and mounted it to a frame and attached it to my kitchen wall. It contains all my spices. Sorry it is to messy insde to open and take a picture. I love it

Vintage Ice Box

I love old refrigerators. This is actually an old Ice Box. It looked like it belonged in the dump. I stripped it and painted it red. I put my cook books and other kitchen items in it until I...

Recycled Pipe Desk

I had made a curtain rod for my spare room out of galvanized pipe and thought I think I'll make my own Computer Desk. The Lighting's electrical wire runs through the pipe. Since this picture was...

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Re: Vintage Ice Box

Thanks for writing. I took my Refrigerator to an Auto Body Paint shop and had it painted. Susie

Re: Vintage Ice Box

I would love to see a picture of your refrigerator. I took my refrigerator to an auto body paint shop to be painted. Sue