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Vintage Suitcase

I found this old suitcase at a second hand store for $10.00. I've never seen one in this size before.  It's got printing on the top...possibly where it was travelling to.  I love it!

Old Champagne Riddler

This is one of my favourite possessions. I bought this champagne riddler on ebay for $25.00. I love it!  It's a smaller one than the usual over-sized ones. 

Large Green Carboy

I found this green carboy at a yard sale for only $1.00. It came in a basket. Here I've popped a bunch of wine corks inside.

Wooden Spools

Here's my collection of tall wooden spools. I have more scattered around my home. Since this photo was taken I've moved them because every time my kitty cat jumps up on the windowsill she knocks them...

Large Iron Gate

I've had this gate for years. I purchased it in a thrift store for $20.00. It's quite heavy so I've just propped it against the wall. 

Old printers drawer

I've got a couple of old vintage printers drawers that I display in my livingroom. The tin handled cups were found at a yard sale.  Not sure what they were originally used for.

Cable Spool Table

I have an obsession with spools...even big ones! I found this cable spool at an old mill and with permission dragged it home, cleaned it up and now it's a great table for indoors or outdoors.

Cork Collection

I've been collecting wine corks for years.  Instead of placing them in containers I decided to place some of them in this antique printers drawer.  I also collect wooden spools. 

EAT sign

My hubby made me this wooden EAT sign.  I got the idea from a metal one that I saw in a popular catalog.   I've hung it above a huge old blackboard that used to be green but I painted it...

Wooden Toboggan Planter

I've hung this wooden toboggan sled that I bought at a yard sale for $2.00 on the wall and placed a plant inside it.  It could also be hung the other way and turned into a shelf unit. I thought...

Sewing Cabinet Door Chalkboard

I made this chalkboard out of an old sewing cabinet door.  The small shelf in the middle has holes in it and stores the chalk. (It used to store the bobbins inside the cabinet door).

Old metal apple basket

I found this old metal apple basket at a yard sale years ago.  I've used it for storing magazines.

Recent comments

Re: 10 minute hanger dropcloth curtains

Who knew that you could use a typical coat hanger to make such a lovely functional display? Thanks for sharing.

Re: Fore!....the coats

This would be a great gift idea for an avid golfer! Thanks for sharing!

Re: Old warehouse cart turned coffee table

Very cool! My sister has one of these old carts for a coffee table. It's really heavy! I wish she would give it to me! ;D

Re: In the Mail

How lucky you found these! I've been searching for a large one for my hallway to store shoes. Haven't found one yet though.
Great idea!

Re: Industrial style mushroom lamp

Turns out my brother-in-law told me it was upside down. lol! He thinks it was a hanging lamp. It's since been relegated to my rock garden outside because I was asked the other day. "What's that huge flying saucer doing on your desk?" ha ha ha so I got the hint!

Re: candle stand

Very pretty and affordable. Old lampstands are easy to find and alot more affordable than those iron candlesticks in the stores.

Re: My Giant funnels have a new life!

Great ideas for funnels. Love the snowman! He's even 'green' using a reusable shopping bag! lol

Re: Yet Another Croquet Set Project!

Very clever! They must be great conversation pieces!

Re: victorian style scientist lamp

Very it!

Re: My Swap Project 9 & 10 - Bluebucket

I've got a long one with many holes in it. The rustic look is so neat!

Re: Post Hat Stand

Very pretty display!

Re: High Speed Office Organizer

Love it! These old vintage advertising shelves are so cool. The ones I've seen are so expensive to buy though. Maybe one day I will luck out and find one that's affordable!

Re: claw foot curtain rod holders

Great idea! I've also seen them displayed on the wall with candles tucked inside.

Re: Cast Iron Stove Bottom Ottoman

I love this idea...but my hubby would hate it! He would constantly be stubbing his toe on the iron base! LOL!!!

Re: Old printers drawer

They do look a little like bee smokers but I am guessing they may have been paint cans. There's dried paint inside them. The lids are very odd shaped though.
This printers drawer is smaller than the usual ones. I bought it at a yard sale for $10.00.

Re: Another Printer Tray Idea

Great idea! Wallpaper pieces would work great too. An old wallpaper book at your local wallpaper store would provide lots of different patterns and colours.

Re: Tick-Tock Table

Love it! I also recently dragged home a cable spool from an old mill. They make great tables, indoors or outdoors!

Re: Stylin' Centerpiece

I love this idea! I've got some of those old graters that aren't very 'sharp' anymore and been thinking about how to recycle them instead of throwing them away. I bet they would look great made into small hanging lamps too.

Re: Farm Fresh Fruit Bowl

I just came across your post. What a great idea! I've got a round rusty cover that could also be made into a platter. I just need to find a base for it. Thanks for sharing!

Re: A Smooth Place To Hang Your Hat

Wow...who would have thought of recycling old trowels and making them into a beautiful art piece? Very ingenious!

Re: tractor smoke stack turned willow vase

That is awesome! I'd put that in my house! I love old chipped rusty stuff!

Re: Old Letters to Make a New Entry

I love letters too but they're hard to find in my small rural community. I decided to get my hubby to make me a lettered sign out of wood that says EAT.

Re: Rusty iron rolling cart

Thank you Cleverjunk for the great ideas! It's approx. 23 inches across on the inside of the rims. I am loving the idea of putting a barrel on top. Now I just have to find one around here! A large basket might work too.

Re: Rusty iron rolling cart

Thanks for the idea racers7. I've actually thought of that too but I always go for the unconventional. I do have a tendency to drag home junk! lol

Re: Another $50 salvage yard find

I love your buffet/dresser! My mother has one that's also painted black. I will inherit it one day and was going to strip it but now that I see yours and how lovely it is I just might keep it that way.
I can't tell from the photo, but is it painted in a gloss or a satin finish?
Thanks for sharing.