Fargo, ND, US

I have always had a love for creating things. From a young age I have embellished anything from printer paper to a blank space on the walls. Growing up in a family that couldn't afford much gave me the motivation to create a large variety of artistic and practical things. It becomes difficult to pass by a pile of junk without thinking "I can do something with that."

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Dried Flowers and Tin Vases

The gardening season is over so I harvested these from the flower pots that I stored. Luckily I found some of these neat items from the recycling center that serve as a vase. One is an old tin...

Garden Table

This was a fun project. I have been experimenting with concrete lately. Here I poured a concrete slab, and the stand is an old oil barrel stand.

Driftwood Buttons

I have been experimenting with driftwood buttons for a while now, and I really enjoyed how this set turned out. My buttons are made from driftwood off the Red River on the western edge of Minnesota.