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I have always been an artist and have always tried to find uses for discarded items but I never got really serious about repurposing until I saw Sues books. Now my mom and I are crazy about looking at a piece of junk and coming up with all the possible ways we can breathe new life into it. I bought house with my husband in 2009 built in the 1950s and it needs some updating junk style so I hope to post some of my progress as I go :)

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All hands on the Bedframe

I really love the ideas on here that inspire me to create my own style.  Donna from Funky Junk inspired this creation in my...

Adding a view to my kitchen

These were originally frames for screen windows for our house but they were the outdated kind that you have to add a piece of trim to hold the screen in place. Rather than have all of them sit in th...

Puts a spring in my step when I enter my house

My mom found this old set of  crib springs which rocks my world as a display area when you walk into my house. The best part I can switch out my art and photos when I get bored without leaving...

Door Buffet

I designed this buffet and my brother helped me put it together. I wanted a built in buffet but also add some architecture to my dining room and because we have oil heat I could not have a regular...

Vintage photo collages

I don't know about anyone else but I have quite an extensive collection of old photos of unknown people. I always scan or take a photo of the original and then I make digital collages so the...

Past Shenanigans Art Show

These are photos from an artshow I put together a few years ago. There was mostly photography but also artwork about childhood. There are more examples on my flickr page.

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Re: Great Work Bench Island or Bar

This is so great! I love finds like this

Re: Adding a view to my kitchen

Thank you both for your comments. I found the corbels for a steal at only $20 per pair!

Re: Hanging Flower Basket Light

I would love to eat here! Great Pendant!

Re: All hands on the Bedframe

Thanks everyone! I am constantly inspired by all of you. @ krysteene I might consider displaying part of my hat collection at some point thanks for the suggestion!

Re: Christmas Mantel

Love it I didn't get a chance to post what I did with my cribsping over christmas before I took it down. i hung a wreath on it and slid all my christmas cards around in the springs. I love mine too!

Re: Vintage grain elevator bins / wall pockets

What a perfect catch all :)

Re: Door Buffet

Thanks everyone :)

Re: A Re-Design Ala-Junk Style!

Absolutely love this room. I have these colors in my home as well but I have a lot more chocolate brown, I think if I added more white like you have my room would be a lot brighter. Thanks for the inspiration!

Re: Ode to Miss Gulch

Love it :)

Re: Garden Fun

I love color of the sink planter!

Re: [WRECKAGE] Cabinet

Absolutely adore this I'm jealous of all of the great salvage you get!

Re: My Chest is a Basket Case!

I love this idea! I was actually thinking I should find an old dresser to keep all my old suitcases too !

Re: Door Buffet


Re: Jewelry for the AA/JMS Upcoming Event

Hi Gretchen,
Love your style! It was great meeting you at AAJMS. I just became a member of Junkmarket Style and will be posting soon. I am still trying to get my mom to register. I will be keeping in touch and like I said if you are looking to come to Madison I can show you the ropes :)