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I love creating and giving new life to discards. I love shopping at thrift stores, gargae sales, and curbs for items that have 'potential'. When I come home from a shopping trip, i always seem to have items with 'potential' rather than a useable item. Oh well... I have a wonderful non-creative husband who is always (mostly) happy to help me with my projects, and is usually complementary when we have the project completed. I also work in Silver, and make silver jewelry. It took a bit to figure out how to upload my photos- but I hope you enjoy my ideas.

I really enjoy seeing all these wonderful projects that are shared here: inspiring!

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found treasures

some treasures to be found in my yard

Wisteria Trellis

I used  discarded porch columns to create  a trellis for a very perky wisteria... with lots of help from my patient husband.  After  screwing all the pieces together, we set the...

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Re: Secret Garden

What a sweet secret garden.

Re: Funnel Rake

Lots of personality!

Re: It Began by Planting a Tree Limb..continued

I love your statement about loving other people's trash. Welcome to my world!!

Re: Hunt for Treasure Among the Plants

Love it- I have a few surprises tucked in my yard...and may borrow an idea or two from your pictures!

Re: Whisk-y Bugs

So cute- great ideas