A newbie to junking! Wish I would have found this great hobby years ago!!! I have a stockpile of supplies and my head is brimming over with ideas - just need to find the time to get it all done.

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Birdfeeder Station

I found some great rusty headboards and footboards this summer in a farmers rockpile. I wanted to make birdfeeder stations out of them. I left this one exactly as I found it - rusty and crusty. I...

Rusty Birdcage

Found the old rusty birdcage in a junk heap on an old farm homestead.

Rusty Finds :)

A friend of mine let me go berry picking on the old family homestead - I love those old farms - they are treasure chest just waiting to be found!

What did I do wrong???

My computer crashed between starting and finishing this project.

What to do with a pile of windows?????

I have been wanting to do this project for months since inheriting some old windows (well okay I stole them from my moms garage while she watched!

Richelle's Chimes

A good friend of mine gave me all of her old jewelry making beads for my hummingbird feeder projects.  She wouldnt take any payment - but did mention she needed new windchimes for her...

Thank you Grandpa!

My grandfather (who is 87) bought his 5 grandchildren some acreage on this river as our inheritance.

Don't Water Us!!!

Thanks Deni0529 for the inspiration for these!!!  I used old serving trays and candy dishes for the "flowers" stringing them with vintage buttons on jewelry wire.  Then the old spoons for...

More Junk Chimes

This was actually one of the first chimes I made.  After one season I learned a few lessons.  Wood buttons = mildew.  Fish line can be cut by the drilled edges.  So I cleaned up...

Junk Chimes

An old metal trivet, some metal conduit, an old serving spoon, and some recycled glass beads = something old, something new,  something beautiful!  :)   I love making windchimes...

Catch all to Coat Room

An old ski rack gave the inspiration for this kid friendly coat room.  I run a licensed daycare from my home and I was in desperate need of room for coats, shoes, diaper bags etc.  My...

Mini hummingbird feeders

So I went bead shopping and started making these feeders out of the mini wine bottles - soooo cute I think!!!  And the size is probably more practical as you should change your hummingbird juice...

Green Hummingbird Feeders

So, I drink a lot of wine..........we dont have recycling in this neck of the woods.  I came up with the idea of making funky hummingbird feeders from my old wine bottles.  I purchased the...

Desk Before

After much debate I am going to strip and re-finish my beautiful chippy crusty desk.  As best I can tell it has a minimum of 3 layers of paint.  Although I think it may have been painted...

My new stash of supplies

I have been doing this as a little hobby for myself.  But recently was asked to create some one of a kind pcs for a shop.  I created my own little "business" A'La Junk Girl (Sarah Junkgirl...

Necklace rack

Very simple necklace rack that compliments the style of our room A distressed pc of wood adorned with upholstery tacks.   A quick, simple, functional pc that solved my tangled jewelry...

TV stand

I found this dresser at an antique store about 6 years ago - in beautiful shape, amazingly no one ever painted it or ruined any of the hardware. We got a new TV for Christmas and our old stand wasnt...

Bedroom update - update to old........

I have recently fallen in love with junking and want to incorporate my new found tastes and super finds into my home.  This is my first major grouping - this is in my master bedroom.  I got...

Little windchimes

A much smaller set of windchimes I made from old utencils and an enamel pot lid. 

Big @$$ Windchimes

I made windchimes several years ago with my daycare kids from old pot lids and silverware.  I have been wanting to make more ever since then and now that I have taken up "junking" my windchimes...

Old enamel pots

4 old enamel pots my husband found on our property.  (and an old washboard that was given to me years ago)  Not the best pictures, but the rabbits or deer have recently nipped off most of...

You never know where you will find good junk!

I actually fished this kids Radio Flyer Wheelbarrow out of a lake!!!  We were taking a leisurely ride on the pontoon boat and spotted this little gold mine on the bottom!!!  My 5 year old...

Ode to Miss Gulch

Found this "Wizard of Oz" bike on my first junking expedition.  It is the focal point ABOVE my fire pit.  Lots of comments, everyone loves it and starts humming the music from the bike...

My front porch

Something old, something new, something rusty, something blue! My eclectic collection by my front door

The Door to Nowhere!

An old door I salvaged from a remodel down the street.  Had to have it !!

GREEN Radio Flyer???

Looking for information on a Green Radio Flyer.  Cant find anything on line.  It has 10 inch tires and I am very curious about the history of this little gem.  Any info would be...

Bessie's Music & Icicles

So as I imagined my new windchimes made from some of my new found junk and old copper pipes that I had used to make a windchime about 12 years ago I entered my project with much ambition and...

My old rusty tractor

Picked this up at an auction for $25, found them on ebay from $195-295!!!  Right now it is sitting by my fire pit, next year it will get its own garden :)

Recent comments

Re: Birdfeeder Station

Great idea Jim - love it!!! I have several of these- I may have to try that someday. However, I run a state licensed daycare in my home, and for some silly reason they frown upon my rusty crusty stuff in the house............

Re: Rusty Finds :)

I am going to turn 2 of the 3 headboards into bird feeder stations. I got so excited I when it "came to me" I called my husband at work immediately - he VERY sarcastically asked if he should just drop everything and race right home.....LOL
Anywho - I am going to vertically "plant" 2 railroad ties then mount the headboards to the ties - elevated station for hanging my feeders. I am going to leave one of them rusty and fabulous and I am going to sand and refinish the other one fire engine red. Cant wait until they are finished!!!

Re: What did I do wrong???

Thank you for the feedback - and Jim this project required LOTS of wine!!! LOL
Oh my goodness!!! It WAS painted to start with, 4-7 layers depending on what part of the table!!! I run a licensed daycare from my home and I am fairly confident that the chippy paint was lead based, thus the stripping and refinishing. I cant imagine painting it quite honestly! Guess I will just have to embrace all the character it has under that stain job.............. :) :) :)

Re: What did I do wrong???

Also, I tried to stain the top and drawer the same color, the top had never been painted or tainted in any way, and it sucked up the color and I couldnt wipe it down to match the drawer. :(

Re: Old Door Folding Table

FABULOUS!!!! Wont my husband just love it when I start hanging doors all over the walls?! LOL
Great piece and great idea!!! :) :)

Re: Potting Bench

This is beyond cute!!!! I absolutely LOVE it!!!! I will have my eyes peeled for the ingredients for this masterpiece :) :) :)

Re: Don't Water Us!!!

Wow, cant believe how the orders came pouring in for these!!! Very pleased!!!! :)

Re: My first post. This is one of my junk finds

BEAUTIFUL!!! Rusty and crusty is where it is at. You could hang this beauty As Is!!!!!! :) :) :)

Re: Catch all to Coat Room

Janie - we bought a 70's house - the whole dang thing was dark paneling!!!! It is real wood, but it did have a kind of glossy surface. I use a good primer - applied with a brush, those grooves are a pain. I do the first coat of paint with a brush and the 2nd coat with a roller. Some people recommend using a green scrubby or TSP- I had too much area that needed to be covered, everything just got wiped down so it was free of dust etc and my living room and kitchen still look great 3 years later :)

Re: Riding Lawnmower

That is hysterical!!! Love it! :)

Re: "Wining Allowed!"


Re: Green Hummingbird Feeders

Thanks for the bead lead!!! :)

Re: Mini hummingbird feeders

Thanks! I get the stoppers with the tubes on, they are sold by National Artcraft I believe. To get a good fit, remove the tube then insert the stopper, after the stopper is secure then put the tube back in. I have also started making these small ones with old buttons as well. I am addicted!!!!

Re: Desk Before

Thanks guys!!!
And Tobey - your project was the final reason I decided to go ahead - your pc is absolutely gorgeous!!!!! That finished project just blew me away, I saw a whole new desk through your eyes!!! :) :)

Re: flowers that NEVER need water

I love these!!! How did you attach the spoons?? I have tons of auction silverware and am always looking for new ideas for them. This is so clever!!!!!

Re: Repurposed bed cot.... to a junk-art deck table

So stinkin' cute!!!!!!!!
Fabulous idea :) :)

Re: Sewing Seeds in My Rustic Garden

Wonderful idea!
I have two of those rusty old sewing machines and hadnt had any novel inspiration for them yet - I do believe I am in the market for a dress form............. :)

Re: Vintage Hoosier Table Makeover

I love a hoosier!!! Looks great!!!!!

Re: My new stash of supplies

Thanks guys! I am really excited.
Off to seek out some more old jewelry today - its kind of a shame, I just take it all apart! And I need 2 old chairs for my hairpin table. My wire wont be here until Tuesday, then expect to see some super funky hummingbird feeders........ ;)

Re: Belted Tray

I love this - very classy pc
and I too would love to know how you did this if you dont mind sharing with us!! :)

Re: Vintage Door Desk

Your pc makes me want to run out and steal a little girl so I can replicate this desk for her!! LOL
Great piece - totally LOVE it!!!!!

Re: Vintage Ice Box

I have trouble un-junking stuff
I love crusty and rusty- but this gives me inspiration to start re-furbishing my "junk"

Re: Recycled Piano

I only wish I had wall space big enough to something this grand!!!!

Re: Shed o' My Dreams

OMG, If I knew where you lived I would totally steal your AWESOME shed!!!! LOL
I keep telling my husband I want a little workshop like this - however, I am thinking I better make it BIG because once I wear him down I will only get once chance to get it right!!!!
Cheers and congrats on your shed - I am super duper jealous!!!! :) :) :)

Re: Try the wheelbarrow/wagon wheel combo. Tasty!


Re: Little windchimes

Thanks! I LOVE that table, and nearly did cartwheels when I got it!!! What a gem!!!! :) :)

Re: Big @$$ Windchimes

Sorry artteachergirl, I hung those up on my pot rack in the kitchen tonight!!! :) :) (along side a red handled handmixer!!)

Re: Door Buffet

I love this!!!! Great pc!!!!

Re: Bessie's Music & Icicles

Yes, it appears to be an old birdcage stand, and the upper pc is an old metal planter, inverted. When I saw these 2 pcs I knew they belonged together like peanut butter and chocolate!! :)

Re: It Began by Planting a Tree Limb..continued

These are GREAT!!! My measly little gardens that I dont have time for now really seem pathetic!!! Fabulous, wonderful, artsy, beautiful!!!!

Re: Hanger Made From Salvaged Materials

Now I am trying to think how many valves I have passed up while junking!!!! Super great idea - LOVE it!!

Re: My Junkin' Finds For The Weekend

Love them!!! I passed on some old hoosier cabinets at an auction a couple of weeks ago and havent stopped kicking myself since - jealous!! :)

Re: My Doors

I am a sucker for doors - I LOVE this!!!!!