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As a child I hated that my parents loved junk and antiques. They used to drag me to yard sales, thrift stores, flea markets, etc. and I thought they were nuts! Now, at almost 30, I have become just as bad (or worse) as they were with this addiction! Each year our little town has a community clean up week and I thrive on driving around the neighborhoods searching for that perfect piece of junk! Its such a wonderful feeling to stumble upon a great find. I can only hope that my children dont grow up resenting my junker-habits (they are 4 and 5 and couldnt care less at the moment) I am a Stay at Home Mom who is (very)slowly building a freelance writing career, while balancing motherhood, being a wife, and time for my too many hobbies!

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What is this?

Does anyone know what this was originally supposed to be? I thought maybe it was a plant stand, but the hook doesn't really stick out far enough to accomodate a hanging pot/basket. It's also kind of...

Bedside table with a new face!

This is a little table that someone gave me for free. It was in need of a freshcoat of white paint, so I gave it one and then thought it needed just a little something extra, too! I painted this for...

Little Chippy Foot Stool

I picked this old foot stool up at a yard sale for a buck and couldn't wait to get home and recover it. I LOVE recovering things, as it makes a worled of difference to the look of the piece!

My other junk...

Since there was an error with my email address, I had to create a new account. Here are the links to the other things I have posted, which are in an account I can no longer get into: (just wanted to...

Dahlia photo frame

A neighbor threw out this shabby frame and I snatched it! After cleaning it up a bit, it made just the perfect spot for some pictures I took at the Dahlia feilds last year (I love taking close ups of...

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Re: Vintage Hoosier Table Makeover

It's wonderful. Good job!

Re: School Desk End Table

I had a desk IDENTICAL to this that I got from in front of someone's house on trash day. I very stupidly traded it for some cushions to make an overstuffed chair for my son and I haven't the SLIGHTEST clue how to make the chair and don't know that I ever will. I really wish I would have just kept the desk, especially when I see stuff like this! It's fabulous. If I ever get my hands on another desk, I am doing this with it.

Re: Little Chippy Foot Stool

Yes, the :"chippy-ness" on this piece is just perfect. Thanks! =)

Re: Doll Chair Cookbook Rack

Very cool, I need one of those!Although, I'd never keep my kids (who are 4 & 5) out of my cookbooks if they were that low! My mom has that same old cookbook on the top left, too! I remember it well growing up... she hasn't handed it down to me yet, like some of her others! hehe!

Re: Dahlia photo frame

Thanks gals!

Re: Friends are the windows to the soul.

Great color combination... gives it charm!

Re: Dictionary Place Cards

So creative! As a word junkie, I love it!!

Re: Need help with lead paint project!

Thanks so much gals!! I think I will just clean them up (no sanding or stripping) and use several coats of clear sealer. Since they will be up on the wall, hopefully they will pose no threat to the children. I really appreciate all of the advice. Judi, I will definitely keep the Multi-Strip in mind for future projects... I have an old table I need to strip. By the way, love your blog!!