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Industrial Style Lamp from a Vintage Drill Press

Using a vintage drill press, a lamp kit, and parts from an old can light, I created this industrial style lamp.  This was an experiment and I am looking for some feedback.

Shell Back Chair Rescued

This is one of a pair of chairs I bought at an auction.  The auctioneer described them as "Needing a lot of work".  All the corner blocks were broken or so loose that the chairs could not...

Decoupage Music Table

The top of this old oak table was burnt.  So I upcycled it with some free sheet music printed on parchment paper and decoupaged over the burn marks.  Now it has a new look and a new life.

Beachy Shadowbox Table

When my neighbor gave me a beat up vintage shadowbox table I took it on as a challenge.  The wavy sides made me think of the beach so that became my theme.  I painted the piece turquoise...

Vintage Drum Table Updated with paint

I painted this table a soft dove grey and highlited the carved details with white to give this piece an updated look.

Outdoor Footstool from Wine Crate & Chair Parts

I needed footstools for my outdoor chairs that could be left outside in the gazebo. I also needed storage for citronella candles (a must-have in Florida) and lights. Using some old wine crates and...

Shabby Chic bar from a TV Cabinet

Old TV cabinets are often very well made so my brother and I have come up with ways to repurpose them. This was our first design made entirely of things we had on hand except for the wire wine glass...

Recent comments

Re: Free Roadside Table

Nice work. I was trying to determine what was the original top's material. It looks like it might be plastic laminate, which is almost impossible to paint, so I was curious what primer you used.

Re: Cash Wrap with Vintage Tin Ceiling Tiles

Wonderful design! I thought about doing something with tin panels on my island but could not come up with a design I liked. You have inspired me to have another go at it.

Re: Overhauled Dresser with Vintage Blueprints & Yardsticks

Love the color, especially with blueprints. Great idea!

Re: Tennis Bracelet

I love the play on words. Very clever. If she has my sense of humor, she will love it.

Re: What to do with a Mammoth bookcase!

Great job. You were so smart to jump on this since it is real wood, not MDF. Looks like $4 ( and lots of your hard work) well spent.

Re: Vintage blueprint cabinet coffee table

Perfect! I am really inspired by your work on this.

Re: Truckee Veterans Hall Historical Landmark Replica Birdhouse by Greg Zirbel

Love it! I agree you should keep in indoors. I have tried some of mine outside & even coated them with poly, but they still took a beating from Mother Nature. I could see this in an entry with a framed photo of the real building nearby.