Susan Owen, Nipomo, CA, US

I am so happy to have been introduced to this website by Jenny K, a true soul junk mate! I have a passion and vision of reusing, repurposing, redesigning, reorganizing, recycling, etc...thus my moniker; Redesigned!

I have been junking for many years and have used it in my decorating of my homes, long before it actually had a name and very few people I knew had an appreciation for its decorating and art form! I take it as a compliment when someone asks are you going to repaint, refinish or are you serious (those who believe windows belong in walls, doors are an entry way, etc)? I just can’t bear to see a torn down fence go to the dump, old lights, cabinets, hardware, doors, etc. be thrown away. I am so excited to see great ideas and share with everyone on this site.

My friends now ask me for my advice and what would I do with this “whatever they have” before they get rid of it, I score with this a lot!! Most of them just don’t have the vision and can’t believe it can be reused or repurposed…so I offer to take it off their hands for them.

I have said for many years that I would like to use my creative side in my second half of my life (I have arrived!) and this website just may be the ticket to inspire and motivate me to take that leap. My dream is offer my services to those “junkers” out there who just need that extra help and vision to put it all together in a room. I love to mix old with new, and create that feeling of being “hugged” when you walk into my home and you just want to sit and stay a while. I have run out of rooms in my house and I am really missing that hunt for that special something, that great deal, that awesome piece of something, or that would be so great in this room! I just need a few more homes!! I love to start from scratch and create a room from some small inspiration or something I already have, a color…oh the possibilities are endless!!

I am always on the hunt and have my eyes open…just in case. My family and friends have lately been the recipients of my latest finds, as I tell them, I knew you just couldn’t live without this! My husband is an old car enthusiast so we scour car swap meets as well; great stuff is always for sale there too! We are getting the hang of this empty nester lifestyle and have a blast together heading off somewhere in search of our next “treasure.”

Happy Junking!

Gender: Female

Birthday: 05/29/1956

Member Since: 11/20/2008

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1977 Chicago Schwinn Twinn

This is my latest dumpster save! After some super sleuthing I found the serial number and discovered it's age. We are actually going to restore/rebuild and ride it. Yesterday we went to a couple of...

...More salvaged fencing!

I salvaged this fence section and attached old rakes I had collected and birdhouses. It served as a privacy screen when we first moved into our home; the shrubs and trees have grown and it now looks...

The Owen's Live Here!

I purchased these letters at the Alameda Swap Meet the first of this month in the rain!! My handy dandy husband turned the Q into an O for me. I screwed the letters on an old picket from my stash of...

Repurposed Old Kitchen Cabinet

My husband was driving by a home that was being demolished and was able to rescue this cabinet! He is so wonderful as he knows that I can find a use for just about anything and he is always on the...

Umbrella Trellis

What to do with an old torn umbrella?  Turn it into a trellis! I took the fabric off the frame,  drilled a hole in this extra picnic table I found at the swap meet and "Quickcreted" it in...

Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom with lots of flea market, swap meet and anitque store finds! I recovered the old vanity seat and added glass shelves to the tall rack on the tub surround.

Window cabinet

My husband's shop is so expansive and has only one window on this side that I hung this window cabinet we built to balance out the wall and it is useful to boot! I have old sprinklers, bug...

"Cherry" guest bedroom

This is my "cherry" guest bedroom, the furniture is all vintage 1940's over a few trips to the San Luis Obispo Sunset swap meet. The old metal bed frame was purchased from a road side sale in...

Old Movie Poster Frame

This is an old movie poster frame from a movie theater being torn down. I white washed the brown painted wood frame and decoupaged old cherry crate labels inside; it is in my cherry themed guest...

Photo Wall

A great use for left over and/or old molding! I have staggered the shelves and made them in varying lengths. This works so well as you can change the pictures out as your family holes to...

Master Bedroom

As some of you requested, here is my master bedroom! I so appreciate all your inspiring comments as room designing Junk Style is my passion. I love sharing it with fellow Junkers! The dresser...

Hand Washing Bucket

This comes in really handy for a quick wash of your hands while working in the garden or after a game of horseshoes! It’s really easy to construct…all you need is a bucket with a lid, an...

Outdoor Coffee Table

Since we are having such unseasonably warm weather I thought I'd share a little of the outdoors (although everything is pretty dead and dreary right now!). This coffee table is made out of fence...

Guest Bedroom

This is one of my guest rooms that is referred to by our friends as the "yellow room." All of the wood furniture is swap meet and flea market finds that I revamped and repurposed. My husband made me...

White on White

I have designed my dining room white on white. The cupboard is circa 1800 from an old home in Sutter Creek, CA and houses my milk glass collection that I use regularly!! I havenbsppurchased...

Shutter Closet Door Panel Divider

These are three seperate and different shutter closet door panels that I hinged together to make a tri-fold screen.

Garden Gate

This is another garden gate that was going to be thrown away, I have it in my entry to my porch. I drape pine garland at Christmas with lights, fall leaves garland in the Fall with vintage...

Garden Gate Pot & Pan Hanger

This is an old garden gate that was going to be thrown away, can you imagine that! I used Calphalon pot/pan hooks to hang my pots and pans and put my large pots and roaster on top...

Recent comments

Re: Doll Leg Vase twisted as it sounds it is a great piece; love the pink toes!! It was great running into to yesterday:)

Sue, Redesigned

Re: Picket Fence Planter

I dropped in Georgia Moon yesterday and actually saw this; it great...I do have such a love affair with fences:) Jenny K stopped by with a truckload of new finds; she definitely SCORED - watch for great projects to come from her soon!! It was great to visit with you and Jenny, you gals get my creative juices flowing and my head spinning for my next project...see you soon!

Sue, Redesigned

Re: Feeling "all" Right - Coffee Table

This is awesome, I actually have one of these exact buckets in my laundry room! I love your "junk style..."

Re: Finally got our "things" together...or as I like to say, got our "junk" together!

As they say; beauty is in the eye of the beholder - this is beautiful!

Re: Large table made from 2 x 10 lumber

I love, love, love this!! It's uses are endless; great job!

Re: Recycled Drawers!!!

These are wonderful! What a great use of recycling and repurposing!!

Re: Angel in the Outfield!

What a great way to preserve memories...this is very inspirational and charming...Sue

Re: Old faucet peg shelf

I love this, it would look so great in the bathroom to hang towels and/or robes on, by the pool, or in the garden shed to hang hand tools on...Sue

Re: Screened in Porch

What a peaceful and serene room, it is so inviting...I love the bright floral pillows and tablecloth they are so vivid like a beautiful summer day:)...Sue

Re: Presto Change-o

I love this, I like to repurpose items and keep the integrity of the piece intact...great inspiration!!

Re: "Record" setting transformation...

I love, love, love this. I like to repurpose things without changing the integrity of the item. The item becomes such a multi-functional piece as you displayed.

Re: 1920's warehouse factory metal and glass windows from the scrap yard

lucky you...SCORE!



Love your use of these benches...I have a couple of similar "flea market find" benches that I put in each of my guest room closets for my guests to put a suitcase on.


Re: Master Bedroom

Christy- I used Minwax Gel Stain for wood, fberglass, metal and other surfaces...give it a try it is great stuff!


Oh, I can so relate...she is awesome!!

Re: Table

I love this...I think windows are one of the most versatile “junk” finds. I have many inside and out - some repurposed and some just the way I found them!! I just can’t seem to pass them up:)

Re: HELP PLEASE! Sideboard and Hutch is not me....Can you ladies help me with some sort of painting technique?

...I think it would be fun to paint them a very bold color, such as red, yellow, blue, etc. then rough sand corners and random areas on the flat surfaces to expose some of the dark wood underneath. Gel stain is easy to apply over painted furniture; it seals and protects the paint and gives it a great aged finish. Add some funky knobs!!

I just posted pictures of my master bedroom; my furniture was originally maple (colonial style) and I painted it white, sanded distressed and sealed it with gel stain to compliment my other furniture.

Re: Box Art

Love this, the box itself is a gift!


Re: On Newsstands Now!

My husband actually bought me my copy knowing what a junk junkie I am! He saw it for sale before me!! Love it, love it, love it...I was in a lull and I am becoming consumed again with junking, my spirits are lifted and I feel alive again!! I can't wait to start hitting the trail hard again.

Re: Kitchen Remodel

I love the simplistic; rustic look you created mixing it up with new textures. The countertops, floor and stainless steel appliances give it that new feeling while keeping the rustic flavor dominant. Looks awesome…happy cooking and enjoy it!!

Re: My Newest Angels

This is precious and absolutely gorgeous, I have a passion for faceless angels! You are very gifted and talented.

Re: Is this the year I finally get organized?

...Love this idea, I try to pick up old shutters anytime I can find them! I love organizing!!


Re: Storm Window Display Shelf

What about two ladders? You could set the windows on the rungs of each ladder at varing heights; visible from all sides! If they are too wide you could construct your own "made to fit" ladders!

You could easlily fold them up and lay them flat with the windows for transporting and the legs of the ladders would offer stable support for your pottery.

Re: Shutter Closet Door Panel Divider

Thanks for all your wonderful comments, I actually purchased these from you, Georgia Moon!! They were out in the back of your lot and we dug them out one rainy day last you remember? And thanks to Jenny K for inspiring me to discover and join this website, I can't wait to post more and browse through everyone's "junk." I am a weekend junker due that darn consuming full time job!!

Re: 3 Chair Bench

Love this idea, I had a chair fetish for a while, couldn't pass one I know what to do with some of them!!

Re: Shutter Closet Door Panel Divider

It's great to have an open floor plan, but I have defined some of the space i.e. the windows in the dining room area, as well as the divider in the entry.

Thanks for your feedback, this is my first time posting!

Re: Garden Gate Pot & Pan Hanger

I love saving and repurposing "junk" as you can see!! Thanks for the inspiration!