Nora Barber, ON, CA

Hello! My name is Nora. I live in a small growing community in Southern Ontario, Canada. I love re purposing just about anything...Im addicted! My other love is for animals. Been involved with rescue, rehab and finding new homes for the unwanted.

Gender: Female

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Repurposed End Table

Never liked octagonal end tables...much better as a dog/cat bed/room! So here is my (before/after) repurposed table, painted, and a "made to fit" pet cushion...inspired by one on...

Vintage Wicker Hamper Redo...and...Redo

This tired old hamper was in need of a facelift. I thought by painting the wicker white, adding new feet cut down from spindles...painting the original top and feet a glossy black would be all it...

Vintage Office Chair Redo

Some /old fabric makes this office chair useful and comfy again.

Now I Lay Me Down!

The wheels were spinning...what can I use an old door frame casing for! I knew as soon as I spotted the two rattan couch ends it would all come together to make a daybed. I

The Tale Of Two Short Tables

They literally were too short! Would have been the perfect height for a footstool. The tables were in fair condition and did not deserve to be kicked to the curb as trash...otherwise I loved the look...

Before-After Wine Buffet Cabinet

Another great garage sale find! This was a top hutch to a buffet. It was in rough shape. I turned the cabinet up side the bottom

A Little On The Wild Side

Purchased this tiger pillow at a thrift store for $2. Was intended as a new toy for my dogs. The thought came to me... it would make a cute seat covering for a junky, wobbly stool I had. I removed...

Trash or Treasure WingBack Chair Before/After

First thought...just throw it out! Turned out to be worth the effort.

Vintage Wicker Hamper's Revived

These were the old style wicker hamper's I got from a garage sale. They were in need of a serious makeover. I painted them and added some upholstery...then gave them a lift with some legs. Forgot to...

Re purpose Dresser - Console Table

Hard to turn down 9 drawer wood dresser heading to the dump. I chopped off the two lower sections of drawers and frame saving the first row of drawers attached to the top. I...

Re Purpose Child's Toy Cradle

Had this child's toy rocker sitting around for years. Original plan was to make it into a cat or dog bed. I was inspired by a Christmas wooden sleigh on Pottery Barn...

Re Purposed Headboards Before and After

Got to use up some very nice old headboards. Had an old painted pine shelf I was just about to throw out...After removing all the paint the wood from the shelves worked perfect for planks needed...

Before-Tired Vanity After- Bench & Coatrack Shelf

A friend was throwing out the vanity. Some of the legs were cracked and near falling off. So I decided to give it a new life by changing to a bench with matching coat rack. Got the chance to use up...

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Re: Repurposed End Table

Thanks all for your comments...It could make a great bunny cave shamrockerin! My two dogs won't even bother with this...back to their claimed portion of our couch.

Re: Before-Tired Vanity After- Bench & Coatrack Shelf

Thanks for your comments...very much appreciated!

Re: Vintage Wicker Hamper's Revived

Thank you all for your positive comments!

Re: Before-After Wine Buffet Cabinet

Thank you Sue...your words are very encouraging!

Re: Trash or Treasure WingBack Chair Before/After

Thank you Lani! I actually did not have enough of either frabrics to do the entire I decided on the mix.

Re: Re purpose Dresser - Console Table

Thank you for your comment georgiamoon. I have made a few like this. I realy liked this table as it "fit" in my home. I did have a hard time parting with it. The table has sold.

Re: Re purpose Dresser - Console Table

Thank You Jim!

Re: Before-Tired Vanity After- Bench & Coatrack Shelf

Thank You rzback!