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Reused Paint Can to Make Wall Sconce

Good Idea to create a wall sconce reusing a can paint... 

How to reuse a broken mirror

What i did with my broken mirror? Just got the big pieces and covered in a cute fabric using doubled tape. At the end you have new funny shapes of mirror.

Rustic Frame of paperboard,burlap and leaf

I had this leaf as a gift from my kids, so i decide to make a cute rustic frame. It's a 5 minute project and a way to keep your "especials gifts".  just covered using burlap a piece of...

Inexpensive Christmas Tree

This is my way to make a inexpensive christmas tree. Just got the christmas light from last year, made a shape and fixed in the wall. I made a vase using green paper and fixed at the bottom of the...

Christmas Decor on a Budget

I got some old spool and covered with burlap and green paper and also add little ornaments to make it cute... 

Watering Can Reusing Soda Tin

These colorful watering cans I made from aluminum cans and are just to decorate the garden, porch or kitchen! I painted with spray paint to bring color and fun to my little garden! 

Cardboard Box into a Furniture

I used 4 boxes of those bond paper and fixed the boxes together using only glue and a few layers of cardboard in the middle, so that the "shelves" stay firm. Using filter coffee i covered some parts...

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Re: Telephone shelf

lovely...well done.

Re: The Lady is a Vamp!

Freaky amazing...I like it....

Re: Wire Basket Chandelier

It's a fantastic idea... I love it.... Thank you for share...

Re: Shabby Chat Cat Condo - Re-Purrrrrrr-posed's awesome.. I love things made using burlap... I really love it, and also love your title!!!!!