Tracy Mejias, Phillipsburg, IN

I am mother of 3, ages 19, 18 & 13. I have been married since 1998 and I have 2 doggies. I love making trash to treasure, primitive items and making new friends.

Gender: Female

Birthday: 07/22/1972

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Re: Wheels on fire

Great idea!


This is just adorable. Such a neat idea.

Re: Old liquor cabinet is my best guess

I totally love this! I am never luck to find such good pieces.

Re: Gotcha covered

OMG from looking at the picture I thought it really was a rug, this is such a neat idea and it came out perfect.

Re: My New Antique Shutter Headboard!!

What a neat idea, this came out so beautifully. To think how much antique shutters can do for your bedroom. Shutters, aren't they just adorable?

Re: Flatbed Trolley gets a new Life as a coffee table!

This turned our PERFECT and how I love prim! You did an AWESOME job! ~Tracy~

Re: Raised Garden Beds made from Salvaged Wood

Very nice, I know my husband wants to build me something similar, I better get to looking for salvage, lol. ~Tracy~

Re: A new garage from Salvaged Wood

Your husband did a GREAT job and to think he did it all for small change. Now your 'junk' has a wonderful place to land.

Re: I live behind a white picket fence!

I love picket fences, this looks beautiful!

Re: Old Washing Machine now a Planter

WOW I love this! I wish I could find something like this, you got it at a great price too!

Re: Garden sign from old plates/platters

I agree, these are so cute! Loving it! :) ~Tracy~

Re: Bug from old key

Wow now this is pretty neat, I totally love them all.

Re: ~More Glass Garden-Art~

These are just adorable! I love them all. I can't wait to see the twist.

Re: Look What I Saved From the Trash!

WOW now you are one lucky woman! This is a beauty and it looks so pretty with all your stuff. WTG on getting an awesome item.

Re: Vanity Makeover

The vanity is beautiful! Whoever didnt want it, well it was their loss. It's so pretty and you did a great job painting it.

Re: Windchime

Pretty neat! The bottoms dont cut anyone right? I think they are adorable.

Re: Pyrex Trays - Takes 2, 3, 4.....

These are awesome. Where would I even find pyrex trays as I've only seen the baking pans?


I wish I lived closer too! I would LOVE to shop at your sale.

Re: My first official FINISHED project!!

What a neat idea, looks beautiful!

Re: Licensed to plant

Too cute and very creative.... around my neck of the woods, finding a decent price for a license plate is a task in itself, lol

Re: Antique Chair Bench ~ Before & After

OMG this is beautiful, you have just inspired me to try and so something similar. I am so looking for a bench for my side porch, thanks for sharing!

Re: Pretty in Pink

This turned out awesome. Love the fabric too!

Re: Shabby Chic table and chairs ~ REDO

I really love this! GREAT job!