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Re: Junk Architect ~ My Home Furnishings Store

oh Jim will you share with us the green flower box?? is it up on feet??

Re: Junk Architect ~ My Home Furnishings Store

Oh Jim you lived my dream! The look, the touch, the texture, the whole experience. But, what I didn't realize was the time and commintment it took..... 18 hours a day???? wow thats passion. You had (have) spunk. I admire you.
THANK YOU THANK YOU for sharing this with all of us wannabees.

Re: Curbside Creations

love your neighborhood picks. our "clean-up" week is may 6th woo hoo

Re: Classy picnic table

beautiful table mikey!! good score on the leaded glass too

Re: Desk Before

cool table, but I know what you mean, just doesn't fit in anymore. I've found that paint strippers work the best. gel types don't run as much. It seem the more earth friendly the product is,the longer it takes to strip the paint....makes sense. ask the experts at your local do-it-yourself shop. keep us posted!

Re: Metal File Drawer Chalk Board

I"m gonna make one and keep track of plantings this spring. excellent idea!

Re: Pamper Yourself Trunk Show

OMG I can't wait!!! This will be my second show,and I'm hooked!! This time I'll be leaving my two door honda at home. LOL
HONEY....I'm gonna need the truck for a couple days.

Sue, I was the googalee blond with the silly grin on my face that asked for a picture with you.