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I'm loving Junkmarket style! I have always had an affinity for "old stuff" and this is a great resource for figuring out what to do with it. I especially like rescuing old pieces of furniture that have seen better days and turning them into something attractive and useful. It's just so much fun and the end result is always so rewarding!

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French Door Headboard

This is my first post.

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Re: Candle Logs

This is so pretty!

Re: Planted Vintage Containers

These are cute! I especially like your train car planting.

Re: Dont forget everyone of the yearly, "Bargains Galore on 64" in Arkansas. Aug 11-13-2011

Thanks for the reminder! I live in AR and have never made it to this, but I am going to try to go this year. Looks like you found some great stuff.

Re: Cup O' Garden Tea

Very pretty!

Re: "Tools" of the trade!

This is very cute! I have been looking for unique things for planters too. One is only limited by their imagination I think.

Re: Introducing Junktiques!

I wish you great success in your new endeavor. It looks like a lot of fun!

Re: Right up my alley!

How clever! You're right it matches the chair nicely as both have the red color and the retro feel. Nice job!

Re: Farm Fresh...A New Twist on the Chicken Feeder

I love it! Thanks for all of your inspiring ideas for planters. You've really got me thinking!

Re: I could use some suggestions.

Cool stepladder! Maybe for the steps you could use some commercial vinyl tile cut to size. I know they come in many different colors. Maybe you could find a color to match the fabric. Of course I have no idea how hard it is to cut that stuff having never tried it.

Re: old world bench

This is so beautiful. The two pieces look like they were meant for each other. Great job!

Re: Indoor Window Box

So nice! I really like the addition of the hinges. They add the perfect touch. All of the elements work great together.

Re: End Table Repurposed

This is absolutley adorable - better than storebought any day!

Re: French Door Headboard

Thanks Sue and everyone for the welcome and the encouraging comments! (and the warning about putting my head through glass - it hasn't happened yet, thankfully!) This site is a lot of fun and there are many talented people on here from what I've seen so far. I'm sure I am going to love it here artteachergirl!

Re: Bicycle inspired office chair

This is funny! I really wouldn't mind some kind of contraption like this that actually had pedals. Then I could get my exercise while working at the office.