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Country/Rustic Red Wooden Dresser

$125 — Great Falls, Montana UNIQUE WOOD DRESSER-- Painted red and distressed for that "country-chic" look. It has two drawers on the top. The bottom has two vintage red egg crates...

Child's table & Chairs

The potato bin that I started with was in a lot worse shape than the one that I

Child's Upholstered Rocking Chair

I purchased the child's rocker from a rummage sale and took my time reupholstering it.

French Chic Chair and magazine holder

Originally the chair had leather strapping on the back. It was old and brittle so it was easily removed. I had the chair for over a year before it occured to me to use webbing for the back. The red...

Multi-purpose Furniture

This was a fun project using a solid wooden door, part of a table, desk, and some odds and ends. I painted it black and then put chalkboard paint on three of the panels. It has a bookshelf, table...

Shabby Chic Table and not-so-matching chairs

Driving home one afternoon, I spotted a dining room table and four mis-matched chairs with a free sign. They were much worse for wear, but I happed to see a diamond in the rough. Shortly after...

Hand-Painted Children's Chair

Eat your carrots is the theme for this child's chair painted in the Mackenzie Childs style. It started out as a vintage high chair missing the tray. I cut thelegs off to make it into a child's chair...

Hutch top transformation

I found the two pieces to an old hutch being thrown out. The bottom portion didn't interest me, but I could see a great bookcase just waiting to be created from the top. It was missing the glass from...

Chalkboard from Crib

If you ever wonder what to do with those old cribs that can no longer be used, you may want to try this fun project. Just sand and paint. For the chalkboard -- simply make your own chalkboard paint...

Painted Upholstery Chair

I've been reading on the internet about painting upholstery. I really wanted to try it, but being skeptical of the outcome waited to find the right piece. You know the kind, something that if you...

happy trails to you -- until we meet again

This is another suitcase that I completed recently for the guest room.  Lots of storage.

Up with the sun....gone with the wind.

These were fun. I found a couple of vintge suitcases but they didn't match exactly. I ended up using brown paper sacks, tearing them in to small pieces, and decopaging them onto the suitcase...

From rags... to riches.... literally!

I found this slipper chair in an alley after someone had cleaned out their garage. My husband probably thought I was crazy when I asked him use the pickup to retrieve it so I could assess the damage...

Coordinating Benches with Storage Footstool

My husband is a doll for helping me build these benches. The cribs were discarded and because of all the recalls, I wouldn't dare sell them or give them away. With a little old fashioned ingenuity...

Children's Chairs

I purchased these to adorable wooden children's chairs at a rummage sale. I held onto them for a while until I decided to paint them in a whimsical bunny rabbit theme. 

Drawer fronts turned Artwork

I had removed some drawer fronts from a project and decided to make them into plaques. It's kind of fun to rummage through extra things that I have laying around to finish them up. Horseshoes, barbed...

Cherries Jubilee

This was a fun little project inspired by a piece of fabric I had in my stash. Quick and easy to cover the cushions. The chairs were lightly sanded, primed and painted.

Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

The table was missing the glass top. We used wooden planks custom cut to fit the top. The chairs were navy blue - repainted white. The settee was found by the side of the road. I removed small rust...

Eat Your Carrots!

This is both a high chair and a play table. It was found in deplorable condition -- in pieces actually. I refinished and painted with it an "Eat Your Carrot's" theme, complete with bunny...

What to do with a dresser that is missing a drawer?

Found this heavy-duty all hardwood dresser with a missing drawer. The 3 drawers it did have were very large. The actual dresser is in remarkable condition ... well, except for the missing drawer. I...

Chair and Table

The poor little chair was in dire trouble. The arms had fallen off, the seat cushion was missing. Tightened the joints, added some paint, foam, and upholstery fabric, and voila' good as new...

A Table for Two

This was a fun little weekend project. It started with two metal black chairs in remarkably good condition, but the cushions were a boring black.  I had a farm-style table that needed a lot of...

Coordinating pieces - pie safe, coffee table and end table

All three pieces were found in the neighborhood next to dumpsters. I saw potential in each piece, but it wasn't until I began painting one that an idea grew. I painted them in mossy green, oat, teal...

Recent comments

Re: Vintage Hollywood Filmstrip Bows

These are very cool. But please be careful.
Nitrate Base Film the pioneer of motion picture film bases, retired from our cameras and laboratories about 1951-52. Cellulose nitrate base film is relatively unstable. If you store it in large quantities of about 5,000 feet or more and in non approved storage cabinets without proper ventilation, it becomes a fire hazard.

Read more: http://motion.kodak.com/motion/Support/Technical_Information/Storage/storage_nitrate.htm#ixzz32TxuL7MY

Re: re purposed bench

This is so cute! I love the paint. Very nice work.

Re: Painted Upholstery Chair

Here's a great link that explains in great detail how to do this. Pictures help explain the process. http://www.hypheninteriors.com/2011/03/painted-upholstery-process-revealed.html

Just a few tips from me though.

1. It takes time because after painting, you need to make sure it's dry -- then you need to sand. I know that sounds crazy to sand upholstery, but you do need to do this step. Don't go nuts just lightly sand to take nubbins off.

2. Use a spray bottle and spritz your fabric with water to make it nice and damp before painting.

3. The first two coats I used the mixture with latex paint. The last coat, I used the mixture with acrylic. The acrylic has much more pigment in it and is a great final coat.

Hope this helps.

Re: dining table and bench

This is so creative! Love it.

Re: St. Patrick's Day Silver

This is such a cute idea. Love it.

Re: Vintage wine storage

Absolutely beautiful. Nice job.

Re: Bench

I've seen a lot of wooden ones made from headboard/footboards, but never one in metal. How cool is that! Great job.