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Yard Sale find of the year: 8 foot industrial table/workbench

7am Friday, Drizzling, was drawn into the sub on instinct alone.There it was, covered in plastic, out on the lawn. Kind of early. To knock or not to knock? How much? We'll take it !!!

Still Life... @ 12 Degrees

We used to live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, so big snow is nothing to us. But a Minnesota winter is a bird of a different feather. Even if it's high of 4, it's usually sunny, roads passible...

Antique Style Cupboards-Made from old house doors & reclaimed lumber.

We've been selling country & primitive antiques since the mid 80's. Around 10 years ago the supply of old cupboards did not meet our customer's demand, so we started making them from old house...

The ATV from hell

Manferd Nordsving made this piece from 3 old manure spreader wheels, a 70's TV & antenna & other pieces of salvaged farm stuff.  We have quite a few of his pieces.

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Re: Yardstick & Galvanized Wash Tub Base Side Table

Great use of old yardsticks!
What A Cool Piece!

Re: Reclaimed Bike

Great Bike save!
Check out recycledrecumbent.com for
more plans & ideas!

Re: Massey Ferguson Tractor Grill Side Table

Really cool!

Re: Seeing Angels...

Sending this link to a friend in the UK who's
known as "The Angel on Duty"- Just love it!

Re: salvaged desk

Bet this will sell fast!

Re: The 1905 Victorian Monster Builtinn in my old kitchen

We often salvage these during remodel jobs & make them freestanding. It's good to see one saved rather than banished to a garage or dumpster.

Re: Old crate stairs

Just Love this ...
Sharing on FB!

Re: Illuminated Cream Bucket

Those buckets are fantastic & what a great seasonal transformation!

Re: How to Make Corn Crib Roof Trees

Fantastic Idea!

Re: Antique Corbel Lamp

Awesome use of those corbels! Going to clone your lamp as soon as we find some suitable ones!

Re: Industrial Ambiance

I just might clone your light!
Very Cool!

Re: Arkansas License Plate Map

What a neat idea!

Re: Frida Kahlo Chair - Functional Art


Re: Billy Jo's "Do Over Deco" Part 4

Love door cupboards & yours are fantastic!

Re: Otten Bros., JUNKMARKET Style

When we display this kind of junk, the locals laugh & invite us to go shed digging. Can't wait to see your duct work creations!

Re: It's Illuminating

Now if you only had 20 of them....
Very Cool!

Re: All Geared Up

Cool! Rather than using Muriatic acid-try household bleach or vinegar to rust/age new metal.

Re: Is there a Doctor in the House???

Neat stuff ! The Pharmacy scale is one of a kind. Our sort of koooky fun... anyone called you: Dr Strangelove yet?

Re: New Booth Photos

Great Look !

Re: free, chippy, old dresser=fabulous planter!

I'd try this, but my neighbors already point & shake their heads. ;o)

Re: Yard Sale find of the year: 8 foot industrial table/workbench

It is for sale.... Because Mrs Crow said she's NOT going to help me move it a 2nd time.

Re: my junky little garage

My kind of garage !

Re: Junk Swap Project #6

Fantastic !!!

Re: Junk Swap - Show and Tell

The bullet casings are paper 1950s shotgun shells. At one time they were reloaded & reused. We often just put them in clear vintage
canning jars & people use them to accent a sporting look or display. The people having the yard sale where we bought
2 large boxes of them-thought we were nuts.
(we are)

Re: Junk Swap - Project #2

A GREAT Look- which we are going to clone.:o)

Re: Junk Swap - #5

I never would have thought of combining those!
Way to go Susie!

Re: Junk Swap - Project #1

Love what you did here...
The rosette (door trim) came from Lovina
Miller's farm house that was demolished
a couple of years back. Lovina is Amish
& her father bought the farm, starting our
Amish community in Harmony/Canton Mn in the mid 70's.
The roof was shot & we did a salvage of windows, trim,
doors etc.-before the Amish built her a new home.
She, & the other Amish think it's funny we like
all that old junk!

Re: Junk Swap Fun...Thanks Marie!

The disc thing is a rotary hoe wheel, was lucky enough to find 9 of them yesterday. Took them to my Amish neighbors, who's boys will separate the individual wheels from the axle.

Re: JMS Swap Pairings Complete

Going to start a box of goodies today. I think the pairing was a good match. Can't wait to get started. Next year -lets do this in January !

Re: Unique "Black Dot" Foundry Mold Table

Fantastic !!!- had a bunch of those gear molds 20 years ago, from a foundry in Manistee Michigan. We never find those out here on the prairie.

Re: Junk Swap Set to Begin - Rules of Engagement

Anxiously waiting to get partnered... & break out the Gorilla glue!!!

Re: ~My Sweetheart~

Just saw this !
Jim, buddy, you're a man w/vision !

Re: Barbed Wire Never Looked So Good

Awesome- I know there are some of those spools around here somewhere...

Re: It's "Wheely" a clock!

Great country/industrial look!

Re: Yes, It Spins Too!

A Wheely Nice Weepurpose !

Re: Sign -Up Complete! See Sue's Comment Below for Next Steps

Sounds Like fun- our 1st planned to attend spring junk sale is just 11 weeks away in Wisconsin, so bring on the junk !

Re: Artwork: Too much junk...too little time

I love your assemblages. If you don't have your stuff
in a gallery or two, you should.

Re: Cupboard From Crate Wood

Great Piece !
& Even better that you were able to make it from junk-lumber.

Re: What's Under That Glass Dome?

What a great idea! Now what did I do with that prize rooster trophy?

Re: Still Life... @ 12 Degrees

In the YooPee of Michigan the natives(Yoopers) call it SISU.It's the Finnish ability to endure hardship with a grin.
It hit 30 yesterday & now feels like Miami.Somewhere in the snow drifts is a cast iron sink a customer asked about.Now if I con only remember which drift...

Re: Top "10" for 2010...Ten Very Good Reasons to Buy Junk

Sue,your pictures have given us old crows spring fever in early January. As I shoveled today, calculated opening weekend for garage sales in SE Minnesota is just over 12 weeks away !

Re: Storage Solutions

It's a GREAT re-purpose for a country store antique !
Kudos to you !

Re: Angels small and tall...

Just found a box chock full of those old water shut off handles. Was thinking of using them as knobs on dressers/cabinets. Now, thanks to you, thinking folk art !

Re: fence art

A still life vignette !
Very Cool !

Re: The ATV from hell

Thanks for the welcome Sue & all the positive responses. I finally found a support group for my Junk-aholic-ness.
Admitting is the 1st step...

Re: Sack the Soy Sack and Stick it on Your Wall

It's a great look !

Re: Antique Style Cupboards-Made from old house doors & reclaimed lumber.

Thanks ! Currently making a white stepback
from old house doors.
We are in Harmony Mn,(google us-old crow antiques)
about an hour south of Rochester(home of Mayo Clinic) Mn.

In the winter catching us during the week is hit & miss,
(xc skiing or junking ourselves)
but usually we're open weekends. We also have stuff in the rough & raw product for junking projects.

Re: Copper Pipe Dining Room Table

Fantastic re-purpose !

Re: The ATV from hell

Glad you all like it. Hi secondhandrose - We've been in the Harmony area for 5 yrs & Love it. We have an Alligator you can see on our blog:
& a couple of iron monsters , a bicycle & some odd birds.
If our temps ever climb above 10 f... I'll take some more pix.

Thanks Again!
The OLD Crows