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As the owner and creator of Nostalgic Summer Re-purposed Jewelry, my passion is uncovering memories, honoring the past, and creating artifacts with new meaning for the future. Nostalgic Summer is my, dream, my passion, and my leap of faith.

The small things in life have always caught my eye. Everyday we run into tiny keys, shinny trinkets, jewels, and items of all kinds. The more stories a piece has to tell, worn by time, the more precious it becomes.

My vision is to take these artifacts, long forgotten, and craft new memories and experiences; giving new life to memories we hold close.

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Red, White & Blue Nautical Americana Necklace

This is a piece I made to celebrate our countries birthday! Happy Birthday America!:)

Earth Friendly Upcycled Tin Jewelry by Nostalgic Summer

 Handmade Earth Friendly jewerly made from vintage tin. Nostalgic Summer Jewelry.

A pioneer in the junking field!

A look at a re-purpose project from 1961.

High School Varsity Letter Pillows

I have had my son, husband and father-in-laws High School letters for a while and wanted a way to display them. My son just moved out and I turned his old room into a guest room. I thought the...

Re-purposed Vintage Brooch Bracelet

This beautiful delicate bracelet is made from a vintage silver filigree leaf brooch, oxidized sterling silver chain and a signature glass amethyst bead trinket dangle. The bracelet measures...

NEW From Nostalgic Summer.... Repurposed Vintage Brooch Bracelets

I've been thinking about bracelets and just had to put a Nostalgic Summer twist on them. I hope you enjoy!:)

Vintage Matchbook Advertising Art Pendants

These pendants were created from a collection of 1920's to 1930's vintage matchbook covers.

Nostalgic Summer's New Converter Necklaces

This is a new line I've just designed. I am always looking for versital accessories and created this necklace design to complement more wardrobe options. I would love some feedback!

"Emerald Icon" Necklace

This beautiful necklace is an assemblage of a vintage brass chain,antique glass bead chain and vintage AB rosary beads. Hanging from the chain is a brass finding with a religious medal, old...

A Piece From The "Something Old, Something New" Bridal Collection

This is a new item from Nostalgic Summer's Bridal Collection "Something Old, Something New"

Recent comments

Re: A pioneer in the junking field!

Thank you retiredbp2! It will be staying a chandelier, I love it! Was just thinking of updating the light fixtures on it...after 50 years they are a bit worn! But it does fit our little lodge look cabin style and I can't imagine not seeing it hanging there. :-)

Re: High School Varsity Letter Pillows

Thanks for all the great feedback! As an son was home for Christmas and he asked if he could have them!

Re: January Wreath Change-up

Very well done! And so nice to have that fantastic old door from your Dad's farm.

Re: Broken jewelry, old Christmas lights...

The bouquet is great! Love the old colorful and cheery!

Re: Button "M"

Beautiful! Such a wonderful personal gift.

Re: Christmas Eve Lamp

Really like this! And.....the liquor cabinet huh? Maybe I'll get better gifts, than the usual milk and cookies!
*Happy Holidays*

Re: A Holiday Show-Stopper for Sheri


Re: Vintage Fringe Tree

So sweet...and very retro looking!

Re: Junk Market Swap Just In Time For Christmas

Very nice...I love that you added the jewelry bling! Happy Holidays*

Re: Junk Swap 2011

Very creative...nice job. I love everyone's junk swap items. Wish I would have participated!

Re: Christmas Bells

I love this...and want it! Great job! Happy Holidays*

Re: Pile of Michigan License Plates = Flag of USA

Love this! Very well done. :-).....and I want it too!

Re: Christmas in a Can-ister...

What a great idea! Would make lovely hostess gifts. Very well done. :-)

Re: Vintage Matchbook Advertising Art Pendants

Thank you for featuring my pendants! The matchbooks are a collection from my dad. He was a craftsman and would have appreciated this!

Re: Vintage Matchbook Advertising Art Pendants

Thank you @gadgetsponge. It is a wonderful collection! You can check out their history at:

Re: Nostalgic Summer's New Converter Necklaces

Thank you Cottage Elements for the great feedback!

And for the spam....I guess I've never seen that before!:-) Oh well!

Re: Nostalgic Summer's New Converter Necklaces

Seriously........comment spam?

Re: A Piece From The "Something Old, Something New" Bridal Collection

Thank you to all for the wonderful positive comments!:-)
What a great supportive group!

Re: Red, White & Blue Nautical Americana Necklace

Thank yo to Sue, Keltx, Bonnie and Chippingcharm for the great comments.

Re: Red, White & Blue Nautical Americana Necklace

Thank You to MimiToria .... I take that as a great compliment!
I LOVE your jewelry!:)

Thank you also to JunkArchitect .... How about NW Minnesota, does that work?