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Re: Garden Fun

I couldn't believe it when I saw it...I have a green sink exactly like this one! This year it is full of pink petunias. I've been making glass garden totems also, your's is beautiful inspiration...thanks for posting!

Re: Fargo Road Trip!

Zandbroz is not a true junk shop, but they have all kinds of neat stuff - books, jewelry, accessories, home things, goodies to eat - in an old store with great window displays (gives you ideas of what to do with your junk!). And if you go to the HoDo in the summer, be sure to have your martini up on the roof!

Re: Fargo Road Trip!

My husband & I were in Fargo this summer (again) to visit his aunt/uncle/cousins. This is a great little shop, on a street full of fun and interesting places. Did you also go to Zandbroz, and the Hotel Donaldson? We love going to Fargo!