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I am a junker at heart. I love interior design and have since I was a kid in my aunt's antique shop. I love to decorate using old things in new ways. This is a great website to connect and share ideas. Thanks for letting me be a part of it. Looking foward to new friendships and new ideas. Happy junking!

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Re: Studio Space

Such a beautiful space to create in! love it Gretchen!

Re: Check Out My Junk...from the "Junk Swap"

Great idea Jim! I love that you can change the art/object/photo out. I can't wait to see what other good junk you have to work with!

Re: Junk Swap Fun...Thanks Marie!

Laurel, that is some great junk! Love the shoe mold as a picture holder. And of course how you incorporated the stuff "as is" into your cool decor. Way to go!

Re: Still Testing My Metal!

You go girl! Great project! Can't wait to find out what you come up with for those stools.

Re: Photo "Opp"...

Congrats Laurel!!! I was so excited to see "Contributor" next to your name! You will fit right in here with all the other awesome contributors. Love this project. I too love old black and white family pics. This is a great idea on how to display them in a new fun way. Keep up the good work!!

Re: A Chippy Welcome...

Laure, I love this idea. Great job. I have some crystals I have been saving for just the right project. Now I have some work to do!! Love all your posts! Wishing you a great New Year!!

Re: Copper Pipe Dining Room Table

Jim, this is fabulous! Of course though all your creations are. I love the copper and the glass together. And the details like the curved piece on the legs. Awesome!

Re: Door turned desk

Cassie, I love how this turned out. The legs look great. What a great repurpose for that door. I have always wanted to try that. Great job!

Re: Hey, Hey, Hey . . . It's a Holiday Hay Rack!

Love this Lani! Great idea. I am trying to get with the Christmas decorating, but can't seem to start yet. I will have to keep checking out these great ideas and I know I will get on the ball quickly. Keep them coming!

Re: Framing Up Vintage Bus Scrolls

Great idea! They look great! Glad you're back and so awesome you are making your dream a reality.

Re: Ready for 3rd Gear?

Amy! I love this lamp. What a clever hubby! Very talented. Love that you can see the gears and using a glass hurricane for the base is awesome. Can't wait to see more!

Re: Thank You One and All

Sue, thank you again for having us all over. Your home is beautiful and the time to hang out with other junkers was just perfect! It was so great to meet everyone in person. You are such a great inspiration to us all and it was so great to finally meet you and give you a big hug!
I think the Junker's Reunion is fab idea. I am in. Always up for another road trip! Thanks again for this amazing site. I have gained such amazing friends through here it is priceless!

Re: Catch Me on The Today Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda!

Great job Sue! I am so glad they didn't rush you through. Love the great ideas can't wait to get your book! Safe travels to you!

Re: "Vintage Redesign Take 2"

Gretchen, Your jewelry is ablsolutely beautiful! You have great designs. Keep them coming.


Re: Catch Me on The Today Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda!

Congrats Sue! I will be watching! I hope they don't cut you short. They seem to do that a lot. I want to be able to see all your ideas. Good luck to ya! This is so exciting!

Re: An En-Lightening Project that's Music to My Ears!

Lani, I knew you would come up with something awesome! I love this. It sounded like the paper was really hard to work with. Great idea using it on the shade. Love the music theme. Way to go!


Welcome Janis! I love this project! I think it looks better than Pottery Barn's myself. What a great idea using easy to find objects and turning them into fabulous decor. Keep those ideas coming! Love them

Re: I'll Take Bottles for $300 Please Alex

Ok, I had to do some research on these Jeopardy questions. It was quite interesting. I think the origin of the flea market is Paris too. Some thought that the people attending these markets were active like fleas! Or that the wares were infested! Funny and weird!
I would say Fentress County is the origin of the World's Longest Yard Sale also. It starts in Covington,KY. Always wanted to check that out.
I must say I don't know Sue's favorite line. I am anxiously awaiting the answer. I will have to do more research. Lani, you could be right though with your answer. You go girl!


Re: How to Wrap Gifts for Teens

Sue, I love this idea. Teens are always tricky to shop for. This is such a great idea. I love it! I like the ideas for what can go inside. So many possibilities. Great idea for coffee loving friends also! Thanks for the inspirations!

Re: Holiday Junk Angels by Georgia Moon & JennyK

Sounds like my kind of fun minus the mouse! I would have done the same thing! The angels look great. Love the hinges as wings also. Love those kinds of moments with friends.

Re: Vintage School Map Graphic

Welcome newest contributor! You are an amazing addition to the team. Love your map project. Maps are so great especially the vintage ones. Great use of the doors and windows for frames. Keep up the great posts and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Re: A Grate Idea for Holiday Entertaining

Congrats Lani! I can't wait to see more of your great ideas! Keep them coming! You are a great addition to the team!

Re: Junk Goin' Home WIth Me

I can't remember clothing, I was kind of crazed by then with all the stuff to look at and take in, but I remember two gals looking at the lenses and said they were using them for jewelry. I thought, how neat! I love this website for the way we can meet new people. I will have to look for you at other sales when I am in the MN area again. Sounds like so many fun places for junking there. Can't wait to see your projects. Take care!

Re: Junk Goin' Home WIth Me

I wonder if that was you I saw buying those eye glass lenses. I thought that was such a neat idea to use them for jewelry. Can't wait to see what you come up with. The Bonanza was such a great time wasn't it? So many things to make!

Re: Update on Junk Bonanza

It was great to meet you at the Bonanza! Glad you did good. Your pics are great. See you next year. Will keep up with you on the blogs. Great job on the grater contest. You are definitely a die hard junker to still have energy after the big sale. You go girl!!