Belleview, Florida

I am the owner of an antique mall in Belleview, Florida. I love to refinish, restore & repurpose furniture. Although I can't claim to have the creative talent that is shown on this website, I enjoy giving old pieces a new lease on life. I look to this site, and others like it for inspriration.

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Re: My Spring Mantel...aqua glass, jars and lots a JUNK!!

I love the sign. Did you make it yourself?

Re: Christmas Eve Lamp

Boy Jim, you've got this whole lamp thing nailed. I personally think this one tops them all, and love that box!

Re: My Redesign on a Redesign!

What an enchanting little arbor!

Re: $92.00 Kitchen Makeover, Re-use, Re-Purpose REBORN!

Mighty fine job! I love the barn affect on the upper cabinets.

Re: Organ-to-writing desk/dressing table-conversion: another organ project???

Beautiful save! I love seeing old pieces find new life & purpose. You did a great job on this.

Re: Seating Area

Makes you want to grab a tall iced tea & a good decorating magazine, and put in some quality time. Very nice!

Re: Repurposed TV Armoir

Looks mighty fine!

Re: Flea Market Junque

Lucky you! That's one of those pieces that you wish could talk.

Re: Old Window + Bed Posts + Wood = Plant Stand

Very nice design! I like the way the back edges are curved.

Re: Junk Architect ~ My Home Furnishings Store

Oh WOW! What a fun store! Do you ever think about doing it again. It looks like a real winner to me.

Re: Vintage Hat Easter Basket

I hope the Easter Bunny brings me a basket just like that! Love that little pink bunny peeking out.

Re: dilapidated rocking chair redux

Oh my, that looks soooo inviting! I adore that pillow too. Great job.

Re: Vintage Glass Glitter

Love that jadeite cake stand!

Re: The Flea Market Under Glass is Just Around the Corner...March 3 - 5, 2011

That's our Can-Do-Sue for you. She'll even take on the Minnasota winter and come out on top. Go, Sue!

Re: "LADIES" Door Revival

Terrific job, so nicely put together. I love the brackets. And yes, happiness for a junker is having a stash!

Re: my 2nd window for sell

You have a real talent for these windows. I love both the ones you have posted. Are you going to sell them in a show?

Re: Bird Bath made from reused/recycled glass.

What an inspired idea! This is a new twist on the "candlestick+plate=Cakeplate" idea. Thanks so much for sharing.

Re: "Graphics" design primitive cabinet

I love it! The graphics are a wonderful idea!

Re: Bi-Centinel Dresser

Good job! It never ceases to amaze me how paint can transform an ugly duckling piece of furniture. Congratulations!


We used to custom build furniture, and let me tell you--your husband did a very good job on this cabinet. Better not leave him laying around, someone may steal him!

Re: a trash treasure

Nice save! I love old cast iron. It's so crisp, and has so much character.

Re: Chalkboard Message Center from an old oval frame

Oh I like, I like! Great idea.

Re: Film Box Planter

Sue, you not only have a way with junk, but you are great with words too--"the power of droop??!!??!!" I love it!

Re: Country Charm

Absolutely gorgeous! They don't make 'em like that anymore!

Re: Leather and Oak Dining Chairs

Anytime you see that style leg, with the bulbous turning around the middle or upper part of the leg, it's usually depression era, which would be the 1930's, but actually this style can go back into the 20's. The general look of this chair makes me think it could possibly be English. Most of this style of furniture was made with walnut in America, however in England they used oak, and this style lasted longer there, up into the 50's I've been told.

Re: A Falloween Porch Redo with some New (Old) Junk Finds!

Lovely displays--very creative. Thanks for sharing. I got a huge chuckle out of the joke about the three dealers on a desert island--so true! My husband brought home a demi-lune table from a yard sale the other day that I had sold about six months ago. Here we go again!

Re: Autumn

What a great find!

Re: 8th annual Fall Country Junk Sale

Oh wow! So much fun--so little time. Wish I could be there!

Re: Apron Window Valence

I love it! Your rental house sounds like a boatload of fun. Hope you will be posting more pictures.

Re: Salvaging my 1st house

Love that hanging cabinet in the last photo! I have a dealer who uses one like that for display in her booth, and people are always trying to buy it, but alas & alack it is NFS.

Re: All "Dressed" up...

Amazing! I love it in the flower stage too!

Re: garden work bench

Sweet! I like the proportions--very balanced. Now accessorize!

Re: Ugly Duckling Laundry Room

Very nice, and you can't beat the price. I think even the most die-hard junkster has a hard time making a hot water heater into a thing of beauty all by itself. (Is it possible, Sue?????) The doors are much more attractive, yet movable for repair purposes. Great job!

Re: Driving back from Galena, Illinois

Looks like a really fun place, and how nice of you to give them a plug!

Re: Vintage Market Day...and an unexpected trip...

Ya'all did a terrific job on this sale. Your future plans are right on target. If you have these sales at your home, it puts people in the yard sale mentality of "You've got to give this to me for nothing". Adding more dealers is a terrific idea. There is strength in numbers, but alas, you will also increase your headaches. Good luck! Hope your next sale goes over the moon.

Re: ~~~Summer Breeze Planter

Now why can't they make laundry detergent containers like that anymore? It's gorgeous!

Re: from green to dream!

Great refinishing job! I've refinished furniture for years & I love the way oak comes up smiling.

Re: Time Traveler !

If your guest room closet is otherwise occupied, it could serve as a mini-closet for guests. If you use it for an entertainment center & house a TV in it, I think you would have to do some substantial reinforcement on your shelves.

Re: Inspector 12

Awwww what a pretty kitty! She just figures that since your attention seems to be focused in one place, you might as well have something gorgeous to look at---like a kitty cat named Hopie.

Re: Bottle Crate Plant Stand

What a terrific idea! You wouldn't have to use a soda crate, there are other crates & boxes that would work just as well. Hmmmmmmmmmm

Re: What to do With a Window from a 1930's House

Very very cool! I love to see old pieces live on in a different form.

Re: Vintage Chic End Tables

Yep, had the same thing happen at my shop. Not everybody sees stuff as it can be, and those who do want it for nothing! Nice job. The white paint gives them an airy cottage look. Nothing wrong with that!

Re: Dudleys Bed

The bed is cute, but Dudley is stealing the show. I noticed you are in Ocala. I'm in Belleview at Mossy Oaks Antique Mall. Have you been in? We have a lot in common!

Re: No, Thank YOU Sir!

What a terrific idea!!! I also went to your page & was inspired by your creativity. Keep posting!

Re: Any Ideas??

The chairs & table make a very compatible trio. If white doesn't go with your color scheme, just grab some spray paint & go at it, add some fabric cushions & voila! If you choose to go shabby with them, here's a hint: after washing away any unsightly dirt, scuff up the finish, then go over it with clear spray. The elements are not kind to naked wood.

Re: On the Hunt!

Oh man, I am so jealous! We don't have great barns like that in Florida. I am also taking note of the sweaters being worn. The heat index today is 102. Looks like you had a barrel of fun though. Go for it!

Re: free find favorites

All of your finds are great--I especially love the book, I bet I read BB 20 times when I was a kid. What a thoughtful daughter you are! I hope your Mom enjoys her day.

Re: More goodies from the Mother in law

Lucky you! The only thing my mother-in-law collects is stray cats. Boy-oh-boy, are you going to have a ball with all that cool stuff!

Re: Rainy Day Sale At Georgia Moon

Thank you, Georgia for sharing your tremendous talents. Those targets used as wall paper were just amazing. I get so many ideas from you and all the other "junk stars" on this site. Thanks so much, and I hope all your sales are sell-outs!


What a terrific idea, especially with thrift stores so full of these trays. I checked out the rest of your posts & I am in AWE!!!

Re: Let's Dish Some More

Beautiful and charming! I'm glad there are other people like me who can't keep themselves from rescuing furniture, especially those given to us "by an obliging curb". That's great!

Re: Christmas with Georgia

Thank you for sharing your considerable talent. I went back & looked at all of your old posts, and you are truly amazing! Please keep contributing.