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Collector of collections

Ok, I am a collector of collections and am looking on some feedback for my coca cola crates.  Although most collectors wouldn't dream of doing anything to re-purpose these, I just can't stand...

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Re: I Need Your Feedback

I am a bride to be... For the sake of what I love, I would def. have to junk it up! If someone would ask me to do it for them, I would hands down or should I say arms full dive in!

Depending upon the place/ season introducing junking at a wedding may not suit every taste However junking can be tastefully refreshing to a young couple who have a thrifty style for re-imagining what their world looks like through their eyes. And in what better forum to show that style off...

To plan a wedding for yourself, by yourself is very overwhelming.. As ideas may flow like water, the reality and time constraints of planning, making and perfectionism could make the event much less memorable and stressful than someone else helping or orchastrating.

High on the list... The prized possessions of the bride. It's her day, make her shine like her diamond!

Re: Do you see what I see?

Or it can be re-purposed again to hang on a childs wall with a net for a place to store toys or laundry ;)... better yet a man cave must have for the bball fanatic!!