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Upcycled Ring Holders Made From Random Drawer Knobs

This is such an easy project!

Vintage TV Dinner tray converted into a serving tray with repurposed handles

How to turn an old TV Dinner table without legs into a funky serving tray?  Add junk!  I have a blog about repurposing odd objects, and I was sent 247 non-recyclable plastic packing parts...

Jazzed-Up Vintage Milk Glass Cake Plate

This gorgeous pedestal cake plate belonged to my husband's grandmother.  I added big semiprecious beaded dangles for a little oomph.  It's a pretty easy trick!  All you need are craft...

Faux Antique Perfume Bottles (Made from thrift store salt shakers!)

Got some vintage crystal salt-n-peppa shakers lying around?

Upcycle A Broken Umbrella

I love the decorative finals on the ends of umbrella wires.

Necklace from an antique bronze lion's foot

A necklace from a claw foot off my great-grandmother's coffee table.  (Two of the claw feet were missing, so I will be restoring the table using four found vintage feet.  Meantime, I swiped...

Recent comments

Re: Santa likes his "Coffee Light" along with his cookies when delivering presents. :)

Oh, this is awesome! Especially LOVE the aroma element. Very cool idea and so cleverly realized!

Re: Repurposed / Upcycled Silverplate & Brass Mystery!

Oh, so fun! I would use it to display jewelry and antiques at a show. I adore the birdcage on top, such a cool project, Brian!

Re: Lamp shade tree for the holidays!

What?! That is the cutest upcycled tree I've ever seen! Completely awesome and adorable!

Re: Starrett Micrometer Mirrors...What?

Unique and beautiful!

Re: Broken teacup planter

Hi, Linda - that is SO pretty! Great idea for a vintage cup n saucer!

Re: Beware The Zamboni Brushes !!!

I! Love! Him! That is the coolest giant owl ever, what a hoot and a half.

Re: Repurposed Sears Fence Charge Box Lamp

Simply beautiful. I just love the vintage industrial charm of this, and it has the most fabulous proportions.

Re: Dog or Cat Bed from 70's Table

Ohmigosh, flipping it upside down is such a great idea! Love your finished result!

Re: Using Picture Frame Samples

Love the project and the subtle color combination. Lovely! I think the idea of a plant holder is great, too.

Re: Brooch Bouquets

Hi Kathy, welcome! Your bouquets are insanely gorgeous! I think the idea of using family brooches in the wedding is one of the most beautiful I've ever heard.

Re: "THE BIG O" 7 foot Assemblage Ostrich

Holy moly, Lauretta! She is gorgeous! What a genius way to repurpose those legs.

Re: I'm Creating a New Look for My Home

Ooh, so chic! Everything looks wonderful but my absolute favorite bit is the straw purse hiding underneath. Love your eclectic style here!

Re: Coke Crate Shelf

Gorgeous, Jasmin! Love the way you used the lath, it's a perfect match.

Re: A New Twist on an Old Idea

Oh, that is so fun! Could not be prettier!

Re: Dream a Little Dream -OR- "Could You Please Turn This Old Desk Into a Kitchen Island?"

That is a showpiece! Love it!

Re: Old rocking chair

So gorgeous - I love the simple color palette!

Re: Child's vanity

Ooh, so gorgeous - paisley perfect!

Re: Let's Get the New Year Started

I so appreciate you continuing this wonderful space - I know it takes a ton of time and energy, thank you so much, Sue. Looking forward to another year of great junking fun and creativity from your brilliant members!

Re: Another Industrial Pieces Lamp

Love the milk can shade - what an amazing silhouette!

Re: Mason Jar Christmas Tree

Wow, I just love that! Totally original and so pretty. And my favorite part: simple to do!

Re: Computer Monitor Diorama

Love it! Never would have thought an old monitor could be so darn cute.

Re: Recycled table top to hanging lighted rack

My favorite thing is the combination of light fixture and pot rack - this is such a great concept, and so beautifully executed!

Re: My first retirement DIY project

I can see those cuties totally changing a room. Great project!

Re: Doors! Who doesn't love Doors??!!??

That is so gorgeous! I def. need a desk space like this, with those cute nooks and crannies. Beautiful!

Re: JOY in a jar

I love the use of those letter cards. Simple gorgeous display!

Re: Another Ball Jar Idea...

Simply the coolest! I just love the vintage-y color scheme and the heart inside.

Re: Tailgate Headboard

I absolutely love this!!! The coke lamp is really pretty in red, too.

Re: Winter Wonderland in a Jar

Love the different colors and styles of tress, all tied together with the white snow.

Re: A Royal Ruby Red Christmas

Love it with the embellished chopsticks and the lace!

Re: Repurposed "Hurricanes" For Your "JUNKOLIDAY" Table!

Love these - rustic and chic at the same time!

Re: Vintage Leather Purse Necklaces

These are just gorgeous! What a cool idea for those rubbed and well loved old purses.

Re: Take the Challenges: Encourage Others and Toot Your Own Horn!!

Great suggestions, Sue! I'm off to comment a bunch right now. Will have to think about mason jar ideas...I love that you are decreeing no light fixtures or candleholders. I can't wait to see what people come up with.

Re: Roadside Dining Chair Makeover

Excellent find, that chair has an amazing silhouette. Nice update!

Re: Holiday Recycle Projects

Wonderful! I love the painted snowman door, it looks so vintage.

Re: Necklace from an antique bronze lion's foot

Hi, MakinItHappen! I can't take credit for the verdigris finish - that's actual age, that is! Thanks for the comment!

Re: Layered Filigree Bracelets

Beautiful combinations! Love the use of the watch faces!