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Im laura, im an artist, a pretender, an old furniture obsessor, and I prefer writing my name in lowercase, for it fits me better. I love art and english, and have recently been putting the two together in my work, putting me on a bit different course then the rest of my english major buddies. MaxwellStreet is my little dream world, be sure to escape to it often.

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Your Picture Doesn't Sing

I had fun using some of my amassed vintage frames. I cut apart a window and screen, made it into a frame, and used other vintage frame bits to fill it. One piece of glass has part of a letter from...

Much Better

I've had this table for over a year, but it's sat dormant and ugly in my parents' basement until yesterday when I finally got around to sprucing him up. A bunch of sanding, a couple coats of gray, a...

You Will Always Hear Me

A roll of yellowed rummage sale paper becomes a new type of painting surface. I loved how it was so aged looking, so I glued parts of it together to form the top, and added an alla prima painting and...

Vintage Spoon Bud Vase

For all the sprigs and twigs summer brings your way. A vintage plastic spoon handle is cut to form a bud vase. A suction cup on the back lets it hang on a window or mirror.

Vintage Mirror/Frame

A vintage mirrored vanity tray that I converted into a hanging mirror. The mirror can be taken out and then it can used at a picture frame too. So there's lots of options, since the ribbon color can...

Vintage Double Frame

Two vintage frames layered together to make one grand one. A thrifted oak frame painted black and distressed forms the base, with a found metal frame stacked on top.


Floods, another piece done on a found cupboard door. Features pages from a vintage Scarlet Letter and a bit of a wasp's nest.

The Prison Door-- Chapter 1

The Prison Door, based off The Scarlet Letter, is a fully recycled piece, if you kindly ignore the fact that I bought new glue for it. A cupboard door forms the base, and a beautiful bit of cardboard...


A dreamy filmy misty haze amidst which lanterns float from the rafters. A vintage frame from the Franklin Picture Frame Company in Chicago, paper bag scraps, ribbon, purposefully broken glass, and a...

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Re: Greetings from Project Land

I adore your fence-light. I hope this weekend goes delightfully!

Re: Vintage Spoon Bud Vase

the how to: it was a plastic spoon, so i sawed the spoon part off the handle, which is hollow. Then i just drilled a small hole in the back for the suction cup, and there you have it :) I've made a few with metal knives too, but it's a little harder to find hollow knife handles

Re: The Evolution of a Junky MidCentury Modern Side Table

love that houndstooth material! great job on it :)


Yay for cabinet doors! I like to use them to make into art to stick on the wall

Re: The Prison Door-- Chapter 1

thanks guys-- monakent, the cardboard was actually almost all like that, with the slots, I added the punched out starish type shapes and the dotted line. I was walking along the road and saw it half buried in the dirt so I rescued it and turned it into art :)