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Re: Refinished Furniture

Wow !! Your creativity is awesome, love the little chalkboard with legs and the [coffee?] table is just an excellent idea. I just discovered this page today and can't get off it, all of you on here are so clever and creative.

Re: Junk to Pretty - $7.00 table

I applaude you nefariouscupcake on creating that beautiful coffee table. What a great idea. It must have been tedious cutting out the tree but I am sure the vision to come spurred you on and kept you on track. Great work ! You deserve a GOLD star.

Re: Potato Masher Recipe Holder

I love the idea of the potato masher/recipe holder, I will look for a masher at SA or Goodwill as I no longer have that kind. Great idea! This is a great site, I have been a junker for years and am also addicted to yard sales.