Marcy Nelson, Fargo, ND, US

Im a thrifter, a junker, a crafter and a gardener. I love the thrill of the hunt and enjoy digging through dingy, dusty piles of junk. I love old clocks, umbrellas, farm items, retro diner dishware, vintage sewing items and tons of other stuff.

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Kitchen Cloche

I've had this old colander for awhile, and wasn't quiet sure what to do with it. I flipped it over and thought it might make kind of a neat cloche, I liked the fact that you could see through the...

Neighborhood Junk

My neighbors put out their garbage the other night and I spied these three items in their trash, it didn't take me too long to dash over there and grab the treasures (despite my husband's protests). ...

I'm just ducky....

I found these cute vintage duck planters at a thrift store. They were just so cheery and worn, they caught my eye. Even though I didn't know what I would use them for, they came home with me...

Upcycled Candleholder

Lately I've been picking up old sewing patterns whenever I come across them at thrift stores. I've got quite a few and wanted to see how I could recycle them. I purchased this glass sleeve and metal...

Inspiration board

When we moved into our current home, I claimed the laundry room for my craft area. The former owners had a large piece of plywood that covered our electrical panel. It was kind of unsightly looking...

Recent comments

Re: I've been framed!

awesome find!

Re: Neighborhood Junk

thanks for the comments, heartinhand the lamps sound cool! This is a newer set so the croquet balls are a hard plastic, not quite sure what I will do with them yet...

Re: another bird bath

Cute idea, that would look at home in any garden!

Re: Ski hat rack

I really like this, good idea! Love the color.

Re: Seamstress Bracelet

very cool, I love funky jewelry!

Re: salvaged desk

love the knobs - good idea!

Re: Upcycled Candleholder

Wow, thanks for the member feature, I was surprised to see my upcycle when I logged in! Thanks again and keep junkin' everyone!

Re: "Zipper Flowers"

Fun stuff! I'd like to make some of these too!

Re: Oh, no! I've been Framed....but in a good way!

I love your style, what a wonderful vignette! The boot bookends are a super idea.