Deptford, NJ, US

I am married to my husband Bob for 29 years and we have a son and a daughter. I love decorating and crafting and making a comfortable place for family and friends to gather. I favor french country. Although my home is eclectic, I have for the last couple of years have been gradually changing to that flair of french country.
When I give a gift to someone it is generally something I have made for them. I always make my own cards, I usually make something that reflects the person and the gift.

Gender: Female

Birthday: 04/09/1962

Member Since: 09/01/2015

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my make up vanity

I told my husband I found a make up vanity that I really wanted for Christmas. I took him to see it but I had mis read the price tag and it was more than we could afford.  That did not stop him...


 I was driving down the road and my neighbor was putting this table out for the trash and before it even touched the ground I asked it I could have it.  My husband and I were redoing our...