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My name is Susan Hart.

I guess Ive been sewing since about 1965.

My first foray into the wonderful world of sewing was a Barbie doll pattern for putting together clothing by pressing it with an iron on the seam edges!

I was so excited when I successfully accomplished making these tiny clothes that I begged my mom to make more clothes for my dolls so I could watch her and try to copy how she managed to sew those tiny 1/16th seams on a sewing machine!

Those fun times of learning how to sew from my mom have given me many useful skills for my current vocation of alterations and fashion redesign.

She and I would pour over pattern books to pick out the cutest and most hip and current style of clothing to make for me. I wore hip-hugger skirts, peasant blouses and bell bottom pants way before many of my school chums did!

Later after marriage, kids and various college attempts, I discovered that my great grandmother was also a seamstress and had made a ballgown for 1st Lady Mamie Eisenhower! My grandma had a small sewing business from her home in Southampton, Long Island, New York. I remember visiting her when I was 12 years old, 1965!! My mom was helping her sew some stuff so it could get finished for the customer!

So I discovered that sewing was in my blood...I couldnt escape it, even if I tried! & believe me I did try! I worked at Tektronix for 7 years, I learned how to be a Medical Transcriptionist, I learned sign language in college.

But eventually my creative spirit burst out always and I came back to sewing or designing clothes.

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