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I am Interior Designer but somewhere along the way I have come to find my calling as a stationer and photographer. I create custom announcements and invitations as well as run a photography business. My style of photography isnt that old, boring studio stuffy type. I shoot on location and the most outrageous the spot...the better. With the love for architecture, I am always searching for elements that would be great back drops for my pics. And, when I have time I collect Os along with vintage soda bottles...LOVE the graphics!!

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Re: I Need Your Feedback

1. Would you do a junk wedding for yourself or your daughter or daughter-in-law to be?
-I did just this for my wedding that took place in June. My Mother and I started the year before collecting old plates, vases, large decor pieces, doors and windows and so much more. My favorite element was the large 'N' that my Dad fixed to light up on the dance floor. It now has a home in my living room.
2. Would you do the wedding with junk from head to toe or would you be more likely to add vintage elements on a more limited scale?
-We wanted it junk from head to toe but in the end we ran out of time and manpower. I think we had just enough elements to pull it all off.
3. What's more important, saving money or doing it yourself and having something handmade to remember it by?
We actually saved money by doing some of it ourselves. I design invitations for a living and that one was a no brainer.
4. Assuming not everyone can do the whole wedding themselves, which projects would be highest on your list to do a la junk beautiful--invites, reception, wedding items such as jewelery, dress, bouquet, shoes....?
-Not all DIY invites are good. If you are unsure of the process and the work that goes into them, you should have those done for you. The reception is a must do. You want your guests to leave talking about it.

Re: Drink Up! CrAzY Bottle Collection

Oh my!!! I love your collection!

How I have longed to meet another pop lover!!

I have about 60 vintage bottles...definitely not as many as you. I have them in my kitchen with my vintage Kitchen Aid mixer I had painted lime green.

I am always on the hunt, but I think I have found what West Texas has to offer. I have many of the same that you have. This posting has gotten my urge to go on the hunt again and I thank you for that. Love your stuff!