Lisa See, Hillsborough, NC, US

At Shagbark Sanctuary, we reinvent things.

We take old, antique & vintage items- usually items that are collecting dust in an old barn or items that have become unusable for their original intentions - and repurpose them into something usable and cool.

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Upcycled Industrial look table

This is an antique treadle sewing machine base with a reclaimed table top that has been stained and has a clear top coat.

Vintage watering can planter.

Here's a recycled watering can that is no longer suitable to hold water.   Planted with creeping jenny, variegated vinca and room for annuals.


Misty was constructed from a salvaged full-size bed, locally-milled and rough-cut wood (some wormy sycamore and red oak), and a spacious magazine/newspaper cubby has been added. The finish is...


This is constructed using a primitive vanity, reclaimed wood, and an antique window that still has it's original glass. A delightful surprise was discovered on the back of the vanity in black...


This was made this from a antique old drawer and some rough cut scrap wood. This finish is a dry brush antique white with the rough wood being saturated with linseed oil.

Milk Can

I have an idea for antique milk cans but I need to know how to get the lids off. Does anyone have any tips/tricks to offer up?

Tre Verde

These drawers were left over from one of the potting benches we made. So, I decided to make a raised planter out of them. We added the side shelves as well as the bottom shelf from our salvaged rough...


The top is a antique window reclaimed from a old house with the original glass panes.The base is recycled from a antique GMC Radio cabinet which included the original sticker!We cut the middle of...

Cedro Basilo

For this potting bench, we salvaged an old work bench that was on castors. I have had this idea for incorporating old fireplace mantles into our projects and this one was a perfect was the...

Another old window revived

This was super easy and fun to make. I love the versatilty of it.... as a raised bed, on a side of a out building or it'd be great for vineing plants etc. or how about in the kitchen with your fresh...

Potting Bench

This was made from an old cabinet with a butcher-block top, 2 antique windows (1 still containing original glass), repurposed old shelving, and old wood. New hardware cloth was added behind the...

Recent comments

Re: A Valentine's Day Treat!

You could easily re-purpose it as a Tussie-mussie.....then hang it on a Christmas tree or a door knob.

Re: Iris

BillyJo and jessicasully79 --this was a custom color that I mixed from leftover paint.

Re: Tre Verde


We did not put a liner in it however it would be easy enough to staple some heavy duty Visqueen. The plants in the photo individually potted.

NinaSC- It was a custom color that I made from left over paint.

Re: Potting Bench

@ jessicasully79 Yes, it's for sale. You can check it out a our website for more info.

Re: Milk Can

DUH! WD-40, of course!! Thanks so much and smiller0529, I totals agree with you about " WD40, duct tape and bungee cords". However, gorilla glue is making headway onto the list as well. =]

Re: Potting Bench Made from Barn Salvage Project

This is right up my alley! Nice job =]

Re: Old Door Arbor

There's just something about a arbor. They make me feel like I'm about to enter a very special place. Yours looks great! =]

Re: old world bench

Absolutely lucky you were to have both pieces fit so naturally together. They we destine to be together! =]

Re: Birdfeeders and Garden Art

This is so inspiring for me. Thanks for sharing your creative talent! =]

Re: Repurposed TV Armoir

Brilliant! =]

Re: Flea Market Junque




Re: Potting Bench

Awe, thank you both so much! My husband and I are trying to make a go of it in this market of raised awareness for the need to "re-imagine,reinvent,re-purpose".