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MORE OF SWAP PROJECT .. Just in time for Easter

Easter tussie with a cute lil chick


Thank you Junk Market Style for this great swap! I received the old blue overnight case with lots of pretties inside. I recovered the o/n case in tissue paper that my swap partner wrapped all the...

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Re: Junk Swap - Show and Tell

great array of play things! What a great/fun challenge

Re: Another Printer Tray Idea

really pretty. great place for all those tiny things

Re: Any suggestions for these?

If large enough they could become drink holders or on their side they can hold mail, etc.

Re: "Picture Perfect" Books...

What a neat idea! Anything with books and photos and I am I-N!
May try that sometime. Yours turned out beautiful, love the embellishments!

Re: JunkSwapGoodies

What a mind stumper all these items are! I've been thinking (trying out of the box) and what I came up with are Christmas ornaments, decorations, etc. Just add some pretty Christmas color ribbons, etc. and away you could go with it!

You could glue the buttons on the Bingo card, maybe on the 12 (for Dec), the 24 (for Christmas eve), etc. But glue them on just enough to see the number, not cover it up.

Your idea of garland would surely fit in well here.

Re: small decoupaged box

that is really clever and to give it to a teacher too!

Re: What you can do with free 1892 house moulding!

Nice redo on the moldings.


great photo holders! I love old photos and that is such a neat way to show them off

Re: Junk Swap Project just in time for Easter!

Those are just as cute as a button!


I feel like I have stepped back in time. Love the look and the hanging aprons!

Re: Finally Finished Junk Swap Project

soo cute. I'm loving the birds.. and a very clever idea you came up with!

Re: JMS Swap Pairings Complete

Hi Sue,

My partner and are in contact and have plans set in motion.
Can't wait to get my stuff to play with or maybe be puzzled about. Not sure if it will be something easy or a real challenge, but whatever it is I am up to it. (Ready, willing and able)

God Bless!

Re: Junk Swap Set to Begin - Rules of Engagement

I think I saw myself on the list but haven't heard from anyone. Have you sent out emails yet? Don't want to miss out.

God Bless
Legacy Crafter

Re: Words on Vintage Maps

Great idea. I love working with blocks.

God Bless,
Legacy Crafter

Re: altered antique bottles and charms

Sorry I forgot to give my blog link to chk out my Birthday Bottle Baby:


Re: altered antique bottles and charms

Really cool idea. I love playing with bottles. I have just posted a Birthday Bottle Baby I made for my niece as a gift for her birthday. (Actually gave to her tonight). Check it out when you get a minute everyone and let me know what you think.

I love the look of yours here, real old timey elegence. I need to try my own sometime, looks fun!

God Bless
Legacy Crafter

Re: Sign -Up Complete! See Sue's Comment Below for Next Steps

I am in. Never did anything like this before but am game.