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Im your typical picker with a creative side. I reclaim items from the past and give them new life through upcycling, repurposing, and imagination. I enjoy taking a different approach to junk, trash, and scrap. Theres almost always something to be made from anything, and i take that as a challenge. Whether it be a planned pick or free styling, Im always on the hunt! My business name is Muddy Water Resurrections, Follow me on FB, facebook.com/muddywaterresurrections

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Re: I've missed you, JUNKMARKET Style!

I now have several ideas for my daily driver, thank you. This is awesome!

Re: Barn Junkin' & Pickin' Trip

Hey yall, Brian wanted me to make my debut on here so, here I am, lol. It was a fun pick indeed, and the barn wood will work for so many differnt projects. I'll have to add the photos of the wood after i ran it through the planer,and give everyone an idea of what looks like under all that paint and years of distressing.