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I like stuff.Old stuff, retro stuff, vintage stuff...Always have. As a stay at home mom I need an outlet to be someone other than "Mom where is my...?" Collecting junque helps. I'm always picking up things while thinking of how I will use them someday in the future. The piles were getting bad when I was lucky enough to make a friend who explained to me about Springfield and the Burlington Antique show.
Well we set up a booth at each and boy oh boy was that fun! I'm hooked. I get to pick up stuff and my husband can't get mad because he knows I'll be selling it in a few months time.
Very few things are better than getting paid to do the thing you love. Especially gratifying has been the chance to get paid for my crafty ideas. Now if only I had more storage space and a bigger car. Ah well, that too will come.
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Brass Love?!!!!!

This brass cow followed me home from auction. Of course I did have to fight off another bidder first! Needing a little more oomph he got an old cigar box lid backing and now proudly watches over the...

Altered Ironstone

Vintage ironstone plates altered with postmark stamps. These little dishes make great catch alls for keys, change and jewelry.

Repurposed Surveyor Tripod Lamp

A fun and easy repurpose. Vintage US Dept of Engineering wooden tripod made into a lamp with the addition of a simple lamp kit from any hardware store. Extend the legs to make it a floor lamp for...

Teacher Gifts with Junque Appeal

Easy teacher gifts.  Vintage school primers (surely we ALL have a stash of vintage books in our piles of junk) embellished with vintage trims and jewelry.  A unique gift for the educators...

Burlington Antique Show and the History Channel

Fun news.  History Channel Pickers Producers will be filming their new "picking" show at the Burlington Antique Show in Kentucky tomorrow morning.  Woo hoo. Packing up the car with awesome...

Flea Market Junque

Lucky me found this at the flea market on Sunday.

Thursday's Junque...

Thursday's junque is... A rusty wire basket found at a yard sale.  Filled with some garden peonies it's got a new lease on life!

Vintage Junque Sale - Ohio

For those of you local to the area please join us this Saturday for a vintage inspired Occasional Sale in Lebanon, Ohio.

Junque Jewelry

Rainy days (and MANY of them) mean I can't spray paint outdoors.  So I'm working on transforming some of my indoor junque getting ready for my Occasional sale and Springfield.

Thrift Store Easter Basket Upcycle

A little paint, glitter, tinsel and scanned postcard images were all that was needed to take this somewhat scary Thrift Store wall basket from yuck to fabulous. You can see more of this...

Record On...

I am all about the wreath.

Junque Love

I can hear the grumbling now but really folks - it is time for the next holiday!!!

Farm Junque

Easy art.

Snowman Junque

A super simple snowman made of "junque".This is an awfully easy marriage of a vintage silver plate bud vase (bought as a pair from an auction), a bottle brush wreath Snowman head (from a church...

Christmas Junque on the Porch

Well 'tis the season for more porch "junque".

Halloween Junque Shade

These were such fun repurposes.  The lamp shade was one of a pair destined for the trash at a yard sale.I loved the aged discoloration and velvet trim.A little stencil updating makes them...

Goodbye Summer!

Well the kids head back to school this week...Guess it's time to change the porch.  Here's the view as we've been looking at it for the past several weeks.  I do so love changing the junque...

Curtain Up!

I've had this idea for quite a while and kept looking for the "right" artwork.  Lucky me found this beauty at the thrift store last week.  She had a bit of damage above her head which led...

Happy Independence Day!

Hope everyone has a festive holiday celebration! This is the view from my porch this 4th of July. www.junquemagnet.blogspot.com

Junk Swap Part Deux - Beach Finds

I have been waiting several months to use some more of the items that my fabulous partner MichelleG22 sent me during the Junk Swap.I needed to wait for our yearly trip to the Shore.Upon our...

Vintage Inspired Occasional Sale

An invitation to any Ohio, Kentucky or Indiana junkers.Join us this weekend for a Vintage Inspired Occasional Sale.Oh I am so excited and nervous.Oodles of junque abounds.Love to meet some fellow JMS...

Junque Goddess

She looked so forlorn at the Thrift Shop last month covered in some horrid flat gold paint.Well of course I had to rescue her!

A New Desk for Captain America!

I've been feeling like George Peppard's character Hannibal from The A Team recently.  Remember his catch phrase, "I love it when a plan comes together"? Our nine year old has been using a child...

Glitter Where You're Planted!

This was one of those quick transformations.The dish was half off at the thrift store and my husband said, "but it's missing the part for the well."I know that but how can I leave this pretty little...

To Market, To Market..Burlington Antique Show!

Heading out this Sunday with some treasures for the Burlington Antique Show!  Weather is supposed to be fantastic.  The hardest part will be staying in my booth to sell when I want to be...

Lamp Shade Cloche

At my last Springfield show I encountered a dealer headed to the trash can with this lamp shade.The fabric had a small tear in it and he graciously gave it to me as I eagerly asked, "Are you THROWING...

Junk Swap Project

I was so excited when I got a box from my new Junk Friend MichelleG22.  Oodles and oodles of goodies.  This is the first project.  Now credit for this must go to my husband who pretty...

Thrift Store Box

Challenging myself to use up things I already have.  Bought the box for $1 at the thrift store and then finished it with things from my stash.  I wanted to do some fancy papers as well but...

Easter Junque Wreath

Hippity, Hoppity Easter's on the way!  Really it is.   I need a junque wreath for every holiday.  Too bad I don't have one for Saint Patrick's Day - yet!   Give me time...

Got Hoops?

Shown are my finished embroidery hoops.  Bought them with one idea in mind and then of course had another one as I stacked fabric the other day.  A little paint on the hoops, a little...

Sanity Restoring Junque

Well goodness but it has been hard to get out here in SnOwHIO these past few weeks.If the kids are home one more day I simply don't know what I will do!Saturday night after my son's soccer game we...

Dressed Bottle

This pretty bottle needed a little dressing to make it stand out.  Some bling and an altered theater ticket were just the thing.  Throw on some vintage buttons and it's a done deal.

Good Haul

Last weekend proved that you can find good junk in the winter.  Ooh I had fun.  Some of it involved me in three inch heels and a muddy/slushy/snowy driveway. Yeah, that was amusing but I...

Candle Holder to Display

Bought this wall mount candle holder at a yard sale.  Started out that awful gold finish (YOU know what I mean) and figured I'd just paint it and be done.  Well when I got it home I...

Box Mirror Re-Do

It seems like my thrift store shopping has been "in bulk" recently.  Everything I find is one of multiples.  I got a box filled with 10 round craft mirrors which would be great for putting...

Valentine Window

It seems like Christmas ends too early.I hate packing everything away - I miss it while it is in boxes!I thought this year I would try to incorporate some of my Christmas stuff into Valentine's day...

Vintage Valentine Tinsel Wreath

A local church bazaar had a bag of vintage valentine cards for sale.They were so cute and sweet I couldn't leave them there!This morning I thought it would be fun to turn them into a holiday wreath...

Blue Christmas

Our family room is done in aqua, orange and browns.  It really was easy to swap out a few things on the bookshelves to keep my color scheme but decorate for the holiday as well.This is WHY I...

Shabby Bouquet Makeovers

Well I've got four left and a few ideas so who knows where the final ones will end up!  Loved putting them in the purse - it was a bit dingy but still cute enough to deserve a second lifenbsp...

Holiday Junque Wreath

I spent a summer picking up Xmas bits and bobs for this project.The pieces are a mix of vintage and new - I think keeping the colors in the same vein helped to disguise the newer materialsJust...

Yard Sale Leftovers

After several shows this year I had many of these items left.  I promised myself that since no one else was going to appreciate them I would be sure to use them myself!We'll see which ones go...

Merry Window

I keep buying windows to sell and then find myself setting them up in the house!  Ah well, come spring I will take them to Springfield.  Really, I will... Just a fun collection of vintage...

Recent comments

Re: Altered Ironstone

The link for my blog post has more particulars. It is a "special" ink designed for non-porous surfaces - Staz On . I have never sealed them as my intent was not to make them food safe. I do imagine a clear coat would not harm the image. Thanks for the kind words.

Re: Adding some fun "junky" decor

Looks great.Love that chippy white house.Thanks for sharing.

Re: assorted finds from today

GREAT projector.I know what you mean about children's books.I usually pick them up. I like to glitter/alter pages and use them in projects.Happy hunting.

Re: GAME ON...10 min. project

Looks great.I am such a fan of the graphics on these game tables.

Re: It's coming, ready or not! (And I'm NOT!)

Flashlight as vase?!!!!!!!!! Completely inspired AND inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Christmas Front Porch Display

What a great display.That ironing board is fabulous in its red glory.

Re: 50's gaming table

I junk WHEREVER I travel so I do not think you are alone!This looks great.Sometimes you have to go away to find new junk!Enjoy.

Re: Equipped

This looks very interesting.Great idea with an industrial twist.

Re: SCORE!!!!

My mother-in-law simply does not have anything this neat.Sniff, sniff.Sob, sob.Great finds for you.Enjoy.

Re: Is there a Doctor in the House???

How funny and timely is this post?This morning I bought an old toy trunk and contents, of which one box has a vintage china dinnerware set with Pharmacy RX logos on it.The owner said they must have been his father in law's who owned a large drug store in Cincinnati a million years ago.I had to buy them because while I've seen hotel and railroad china, never "pharmacy" sets.I have no idea what I'll do with it (probably take it to market) but it simply had to be rescued.Your photos are super as always!

Re: Yard Sale find of the year: 8 foot industrial table/workbench

NEVER too early to knock when you see something like this.Score!!!

Re: Scissor Holder

Oh my goodness that is so clever?!!Way to think outside the box.

Re: Goodwill Rescue Flag Project

Looks great.Super transformation!

Re: My Swap Project 11 - Bluebucket

Vanity tray?!!!!!!!!!!!Awesome idea!Now why didn't I ever think of that the million times I came across these in the thrift shops?!Thanks so much for sharing.

Re: Dictionary Place Cards

Am love, love, loving this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: 3rd Floor Stairs

When we lived in MD there was an antique store in Ellicot City which did the same thing.We had license plates going around the top of our kitchen above the cabinets.Now they decorate the stair wall in our garage.Much fun and I love when people see them and then say, "hey, I've got a few I could give to you."Enjoy.

Re: Junk Swap Project #6

You flowers are fabulous. So creative!

Re: Black and White Dresser

Super job. Perfect compliments of pattern and colour!

Re: Not quite done yet!

Great job. The pop of red next to the plants is so eye catching. Excited to see what you have coming next.

Re: Crumpton Stuffffffffff

Oh my.I keep drooling over that Crumpton stuff.Lived in MD for 10 years and somehow never managed to get there. Boo hoo - I so wish I could go now.

Re: Graphic Punch!

Super graphics!Totally drooling over those letters.Quite a score.

Re: To Market, To Market..Burlington Antique Show!

Thanks all for the kind thoughts.
Kathy - love to see you at Springfield.Still deciding if we'll make the May Extravaganza as two weekends later we are hosting our first ever Occasional Sale at a shop here in Lebanon.I have this fear that I'll get cleaned out at Springfield (like last year) and then not have enough to make the store sale look fabulous.Of course I also fear that no one will attend...so!Hopefully there will be an opportunity soon to meet up.I would truly love that!

Re: Vintage silverplate garden markers and a load of other ideas

Very nice look. How does one flatten them?


These are wicked cool. Yes, I'm hoping to be lucky enough to find some of my very own soon. Lucky you.


Beautiful re-do. No one would ever know how it began or the original intended purpose which proves that you have done a wonderful job! Lovely to look at.

Re: All the Pretty Junk

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together? Looks fabulous.

Re: If JMS Jumped off a Bridge .....

My husband is getting a bit tired of hearing me say, "metal/industrial is really the new shabby - at least they say so on JMS" so I get the "jump off a bridge" comment completely!I'd jump with you.Great finds and really a super way to spend the holiday.That's a good guy to take you junkin'!

Re: Straight from the Heart

Very cute.I think your wreath came out better!!!Awesome job.

Re: Okay I admit it, I'm addicted to Thrift Stores

The first step in "recovery" is admitting you have a problem.For my part, I have an addiction to any and all kinds of junk and absolutely no interest in finding a CURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yup, I have a problem and am super happy to keep on keeping on with that problem.Storage space is becoming a problem though!Enjoy your finds.Thrift stores are necessary in winter months or we might go into yard sale withdrawal!

Re: Sign -Up Complete! See Sue's Comment Below for Next Steps

Please, oh please COUNT ME IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Rusty Chick Protector Still Works

My Mom never gives me stuff like that. Sniff, sniff, sniff...Good for you.Looks terrific!

Re: Candle Holder to Display

A girlfriend and I have the following code to live by - "If it doesn't sell/work the first time paint it white and stick it in the yard to age."Usually works!

Re: What To Do With A Thing-a-ma-jig

Awesome way to use your what's-it. I would have passed on that thinking "I'll never figure out what to do with it."Great job.

Re: Testing my metal. aka Testing my mettle!

This looks great! Your "sign" tray on top makes a lovely finishing touch.

Re: Musical Revamp

Great idea. Sometimes it is hard to remember how much potential there is in the new stuff at Tj Maxx, Home Goods, etc.


You have such drool worthy ideas and displays!Simply fabulous.

Re: valentine art

These are so "sweet"!What a fun way to use them.

Re: Happy Birthday to ME!

Definitely one of the best ways to spend a birthday!Enjoy.

Re: Screen Savers

What a great idea and look.This would also work for hanging jewelry.

Re: Merry Window

Thanks for the lovely comments.Kathy - sounds like a plan.Is it too early to begin counting the days to the May Extravaganza?!So many cold and dark days to get through yet...I've got to find a venue here in town to hold a sale or I may not make it through the winter!!!I'm so glad to have found JMS and hope to meet folks "in the flesh" soon.


Great job.Stunning in their simplicity.Now you've got me picking these up at the thrift store - more projects!

Re: Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

Oh, I have been meaning to cover blocks for ages now.Wanted to do them for the kids - now they are too big.Meant to do them for holidays...the list goes on.Yours look great!

Re: "Stained" Glass Window

Wicked clever!