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Re: Antique/Collectible Store Booth Overhaul - GadgetSponge

Wow! nice display! but your such a talent, of course your booth reflects that. Great job! LOVE your work, inspiring!

Re: Vintage Kitchen Pantry

WOW,...super nice job! I need one of these!

Re: Day of the Dead figures made from Happy Meal Toys

Love re purposed dolls! Great job!!!

Re: Art & Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style

Awwww, I wish I lived up north!

Re: French shabby linen armoire

Love your work! this is another sweet one

Re: shabby cupboard from dumpster finds

love the top bracket, adds a really nice touch!


oooooh im envious,...I SO NEED MY OWN STUDIO SPACE!!! Great find.... never would have thought of looking on craigs list for one.

Re: Leafy Sail Sculpture

AHHH my type of stuff!....I love the use of mixed metal and the overall design as well,
KUDOS..... you should sell these!!! Looks like something you would come across in a gallery!

Re: Ironing board daisy

This is one of my favorite posts!!! LOVE IT!!!! just wish I had a huge canvas like that!!

Re: Garden Glass

I love these & have been meaning to put some together as well, nice job well done!

Re: Candy find me?

My hubby just picked up one of these for me at a garage sale for 3.00. I cant wait to decorate mine, I'm thinking mosaic maybe? Great storage for bathroom sundries or kids art supplies,I havn't made up my mind yet...

Re: Ready for 3rd Gear?

These Lamps are GREAT!!!!

Re: Potting Table

In one word....SWEET

Re: FINALLY!! Organized - sort of...

oh my, absolutely love those lockers! what a find!!!!

Re: Beautiful glass lids and bowls...

innovative idea and fresh, I did one similar with glass doorknobs but my idea is old hat!