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Re: Garage Sale Continued

Hi Girls, Love your Mag and Ideas. Iam going to be having my first Yard Sale in a New Neighbor Hood this year. Any Idea for me .We have a Small Cabin in Wixom,Mi one of our friends just bought one also. They scored on the Antiques in it . But tossed most of it. I picked up a 1940's Radio, a old Chrome Kitchen table. A old heater and a toaster 1940's also, a old water dipper and Enamel Pan, Dish pan I think. I love going thru these old Cabins and finding all the great stuff they leave behind. Our Daughter Linda payed $500.00 for her Cabin and the Dresser that was in it is worth twice that and all the other stuff she scored on that was in hers.We spend our Summers there, our family has 6 cabins so far. Iam looking for Bear statue's and Deer or Moose.There hard to find. Happy Hunting to All Have a Great Summer.