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Love to go junking with my hubby. As a team, we restore old furniture in the shabby chic style and we love turning old junk into something new to treasure...we fondly refer to our items as Newtiques! We have turned out joint hobby into a small business & we would love to connect with those of you who use Facebook - here is a link to our business page

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Shabby Green Repurposed Duncan Phife Chair

When we found this chair it has no seat and was brown (of course), we painted it a beautiful green, dis-stressed it and added a two tone wooden seat.

Jewerly Organizer

This piece is made from a "former" wrought iron candle holder that I purposely left outside in the rain for about a month.  Once it reached "rusty" perfection, I glued on to each level a...

Junkes: A Sisterhood of Traveling Junk @ The Funky Junk Sisters Show!

There is nothing better than getting together with my junk sisters to sell our up-cycled, recycled, repurposed, and vintage items!  And in Western WA the perfect way to do this is to be a vendor...

Sisterhood of Traveling Junk Sale - Seattle

When your a junker/creater, there is nothing better than meeting people who have the same vision!  Well I've been lucky to meet two wonderful ladies who have become my junk sisters...together we...

Antique Chair Bench ~ Before & After

Last year, while at a Garage Sale, I was offerred three Antique Chairs for free!  The lady running the garage sale looked at me like I was crazy when I got all giddy and excited!  Oh, but I...

Vintage Lap Trays...turned Magnet Message Board

These were all previously  Vintage Lap Trays...a simply removed at pieces that were still attached, glued on a claw hook, added some magnets, and there you have it...one of the easiest junkin...

Vintage frames turned Earrings Holders

So, I have a large collection of frames and have been wanting to create something new.  I remember seeing a vendor at one of the Farmers Markets I went to last year, use a frame that had chicken...

Tea Cup Chandelier

This is something I've always wanted to create after seeing one in a magazine!  Thanks to my hubby, who found the chandelier, it's a dream come true! LOL  Since my goal is to "go green" I...

Wrought Iron Table Base...turned Beautiful Garden Table!

This is one item I almost hate to put up for sale!  I absolutely love that my hubby talked me into staining the table top a dark walnut antique color...junk perfection!!

Before and After - Part 2

Just a few more before & after pictures to share. One is a end table that I found at a local thrift store and the 2nd piece is one I'm excited about!  Originally an antique sewing machine...

Before & After - Part 1

In earlier posts, I often wished I had taken "before" and "after"photos of projects, so in preparing for a local craft show, I decided to make a more concentrated effort to do so! The 2nd item, the...

What's your shabby need? A candle holder, a serving platter, or a jewerly organizer?!

You can't tell now, but the wooden candle holder, at the bottom of this piece was brown and full of dripped wax at one point!  A little cleaning and some white paint...and a pretty plate..and oh...

Junk Mama Birthday Gift for her Shabby Chic Daughter!

Today is my daughter Vanessa's 27th Birthday and I made her this adorable plant stand for her Shabby Chic apartment. To be honest, I almost hate to give it up!!

Shabby Chic Costume Jewerly Holders

I have several mixed matched tea cup saucers, which I glued  onto glass and metal candle holders.  I then set them on top of a platter I found at a thrift store, added a few pieces of...

A Vintage "Bless You"

I've been determined to make use of a damaged 1940's Redbook Magazine and had a great time collaging an old wooden tissue box cover with smaller Ads from the magazine.  Once I added the Ads, I...

Vintage Desk - turned Shabby Chic

I bought an old brown vintage desk at a yard sale last year for $5.00.  Painted it with white primer, distressed it and collaged an old calendar picture that I loved so much, I saved it for...

Ugly brown jewerly box - turned vintage chic

One day, while junking at the Goodwill Outlet in Seattle with my hubby...he held up an old ugly little brown jewerly box and asked, "Could you do something with this?!"  Hmm, I said, it's in...

Do you know what this Memo Board used to be?!

You got it!!  This is an old roasting pan! Now it's a Vintage Memo Magnet Board! I simply cut some old magazine Ads and glued them on an old roasting pan.  Added some purple ribbon, a...

Shabby Chic Lamp

I found this lamp for $5.00 at a local thrift shop.  The base is glass and opens at the bottom so you can insert an object.  I decided to add some tried Hydrangea Flowers.  I then...

Cork Message Board; made from Vintage Platter & Wine Corks

I found a unique vintage platter that (unfortunately) I was unable to clean up well, so I decided to use it for another purpose!  I combined my love of Barefoot & Sweat Pea Wines into a cork...

Disgarded Fireplace Stand turned Necklace holder!

Another great find at the Seattle Goodwill Outlet!  When I discovered this Fireplace Tool Stand it was dirty and covered in soot.  I had my hubby take it to work and have it sand blasted...

Vintage Barrel Table

I recently found a wonderful vintage barrel at a Lions Club Yard Sale!  It's so wonderful that I had to make it into a wondeful little table!  I simply added a round piece of woodand...

Shabby Chic Floral Lamp

Don't ya just love it when two junk items come together to make something beautiful!?  I found the lampshade at the Seattle Goodwill Outlet Store.  Yes, can you believe we have a Goodwill...

Teacup - Tealight Candle Holders

One thing I've learned from reading Junk Market books is pretty much anything can be turned into a candle holder!  With this in mind, I recently started creating Tea Cup Candle Holders out of...

Necklaces crafted from Silver Antique & Vintage Fork & Spoon Handles

I'm sure you've seen Key Rings crafted from old silverware.  Well, my husband and I while looking at a Key Ring realized that old flatware is so beautiful that the handles would make beautiful...

Twin head/foot boards turned toddler bed

Several months ago, while out and about at garage sales, my hubby & I found a twin head and footboard that appeared to have belonged to a set of bunkbeds at one time.  They were oak and in...

Tea Cup Birdfeeders

I know you've seen these before!  But, I think my hubby perfected them!  He drills the tea cup & saucer on a small lathe with a glass drill bit and then mounts them on all...

Collage Dresser

I was so inspired by the wonderful comments that I received about the Beauty Collage Table that I made for my daugther Vanessa (THANKS ALL Who posted such wonderful notes!!), that I decided to make a...

Make-Up Collage Table

A Beauty/Make Up Table Top Collage.  I made this side table for my daughter Vanessa, who is a Make Up Consultant.  It was based on my love of magazine ads, their color and...

Shabby Chic Bottle Tree

A few years ago, while we were visting my sister in the south, while driving in North Carolina we came across a bottle tree.  I was completely taken with the folklore and fell in lovenbsp...

Ugly brown chair turned Shabby Chic!

I love finding old furniture with "good bones".  I discovered this chair at a Thrift Store for $4.99.. One can of spray primer and one left over piece of material later...a wonderful shabby chic...

Strawberry Tea Set Bird Feeders

I purchased a wonderful Strawberry Tea Cup set at a garage sale for $5.00- the set included the teapot, sugar bowl, creamer and five tea cups and saucers.  My hubby turned them all into...

Recent comments

Re: Come See Sue Whitney at The Funky Junk Sisters Show in Seattle!!!

I am so excited about this up-coming weekend's Funky Junk Sisters Show! I'll be there selling my items with my business partners - just watch for our black booth with the blue JUNKIES Suitcase on top! But even better, The Funky Junk Sisters have joined me in the fight against breast cancer! Together we've organized "Operation Save a Rack"! Throughout the Fleamarket there will be tin cans painted pink where shoppers can drop off their change as donations to the Susan G Komen 3 day for the Cure! We are calling this our "Drop your Change & Change a Life" coin drive! We also hope to fill two pink wheelbarrows with donations!! So come on down to Puyallup WA, shop for some wonderful antique, vintage, & junk re-creations and join the fight against breast cancer!

Re: More Thrift Store Finds.


Re: The joy of JUNKING!

Deidre is a blast to be around, as you can tell my her post - I'm proud to be her Junk Sister! And I too think she's onto something - I love the name Sue came up with "Dumpster Diving Diva Depends"! =+)

Junkies - A Sisterhood of Traveling Junk

Re: Junkes: A Sisterhood of Traveling Junk @ The Funky Junk Sisters Show!

CleverThinker - thanks so much - so sweet of you to say! And kudos to my business partner Suni on the design of the booth - she did an amazing job! It is SO easy to put up and take down! And you SO RIGHT - Junking certainly gets in your blood, doesn't it!

Also Junkies:A Sisterhood of Traveling Junk now has a Facebook Page - we would love to see all of our Junk Market Style friends become our fans!!

Re: Junkes: A Sisterhood of Traveling Junk @ The Funky Junk Sisters Show!

Thanks for all of the wonderful comments my fellow junkers! They so lifted my spirits during a rather rainy Seattle day!

Re: � My 2nd TWIST to my Garden-Art �

Deidre - you know I think you are an amazing junker and I love how your flowers sold that "hot potatoes" at our last show!!

Re: Georgia Moon's First Occasional Sale

Beautiful displays! Best of luck with your first Occassonal Sale!

Re: Antique Chair Bench ~ Before & After

Thanks for all of the wonderful comments everyone. I am happy to share that the bench raised $325.00 for the Susan G Komen Seattle Breast Cancer 3 Day! And even more inspiring - the person who won the online auction ending up giving the bench to one of the walkers on my team, a young single mother who is currently fighting breast cancer for the 2nd time! This really touched my heart and I truly had the feeling that the bench was "created for a reason", I just didn't know what it was while we were creating it! It's one of those times in life when you feel truly inspired to keep creating and keep giving!! Claudia - team Walking Warriors - Seattle 3 Day.

Re: Necklaces crafted from Silver Antique & Vintage Fork & Spoon Handles

veridiantclaret - I do not currently have an online shop, however, we could connect via My Space - Urban Iron Art and Newtiques and work something out. You can also find me on Facebook.

Re: Vintage Lap Trays...turned Magnet Message Board

Thanks ladies..and fellow junker, I absolutely love the black one!..the flowers are so beautiful...

Re: Vintage frames turned Earrings Holders

Thanks for the nice comments ladies.

I simply used a staple gun! A girls best friend ya know! I may have gotten a bit carried away on a few...it can be so much fun! LOL

Re: Springfield Extravaganza - tis the season - to "flea"

2000 vendors1? Holy Junkin' Moly! Now that IS a junkers paradise! And when you mentioned going to Red Lobster and then Goodwill LOL - you are SO my kinda girl! Love the post, love the pics, thanks for sharing!

Re: Shabby Chic table and chairs ~ REDO

Love the redo/up-style! Fantastic!

Re: Tea Cup Chandelier

Ahh thanks my junk buddies! I'm glad you all love this piece as much as I do!!! Have a great Sunday evening,

Re: Old Door Coffee Table

What an awesome idea and great job!

And, hey, I'm a JunkinLindsey too - Claudia Lindsey - nice to meet you! I feel like we are family already!!

Re: Shopping and Signing -In That Order!

Well, the next time I travel "home" to Minnesota, to visit family, I'll be sure to block out time to visit Anoka and The French Flea! Love the items...in fact, my Mom had an end table EXACTLY like the Black one in the main picture...made me a little homesick for my childhood! Thanks for sharing!

Re: What's your shabby need? A candle holder, a serving platter, or a jewerly organizer?!

Happy Birthday MonaKent!

Re: Before and After - Part 2

Fellowjunker -
No, no undercoat on the black wrought iron...usually I just take a hose sprayer to the items, once I get rid of the dirt and cobwebs, they are usually "just right"....

Thanks for the nice comments - much appreciated!

Re: Before & After - Part 1

Thanks for all of the wonderful comments - I so love being apart of this "junkin' community"! And, the night stand was work, however, I find that sanding furniture helps me relieve stress from my 9 to 5 job! Plus once a project is finished I feel so rewarded!

Happy junking & creating!

Re: Wrought Iron Table Base...turned Beautiful Garden Table!

Thanks so much for the kind comments! I just love wrought Iron, don't you! And the table did not sell over the weekend (believe it or not!), so I may just have to keep it!!
Have a great day & happy junking!


Re: Shabby Chic Costume Jewerly Holders

So, I've decided to sell these this weekend at a Home & Garden Show being put on at a local Farm - wish me luck!

Re: What's your shabby need? A candle holder, a serving platter, or a jewerly organizer?!

Monakent, I wish I had thought to place the birthday cake on the plate! what an awesome idea...and Alicemom, Chocolate Chip cookies...hmmm, yes, those are my fav!

Thanks for the compliments, but appreciated and you inspire me to keep creating!

Re: Junk Mama Birthday Gift for her Shabby Chic Daughter!

Thanks for all of the kind words ladies! And Vanessa really liked her gift, which made me happy!

Re: Rust Brothers No More

Aren't junking days like that wonderful!? Love the items you picked up and will enjoy seeing your creations!

Re: ViNtaGe GLoBe LiGhT FiXtuRe VaSe

Oh My, I just picked up two of these today! You've help get my creative juices flowing - thanks!

Re: Vintage Vogue Frame

Christina - you are SO my kinda girl! I love to collage items with old magazine Ads too. Great Job here! I especially love the red lips all puckered up and ready!

Re: A Vintage "Bless You"

OMG Sue, I love your sense of humor too! I so needed a good laugh this afternoon - thanks a bunch!

Re: Greetings from Project Land

Hi Georgia,
I absolutely LOVE the Washboard Shelf...I'm so ready to create one! The metal base/table tray is too cute, and the little candle light made from old fencing is most adorable...I SO LOVE YOUR SYTLE!!

Best of luck at the Antique Show!


Re: freebee's from a friend

OH MY, wish I had a few friends like that!

Re: Galvanized Flower Garden

Fantastic! Love the green you've chosen..and not to worry, it appears your a good flower picker to me!

Re: Maxine :)

What an AWESOME junkin' job you did! I can't wait to show this to my welder hubby!

Re: Ugly brown jewerly box - turned vintage chic

Monakent, My hubby has really gotten into junking over the last year...which has been great! And, I'm glad you love my sense of humor..and you can't read the caption under the movie actresses picture, but the movie was "Three Bad Girls", which made it even more hysterical!

Fellow junker, we are like! I get so excited sometimes, I just get to work and always whish later I had taken a before picture!

Have a great weekend!


I love half tables...take a look at the one I collaged with make up ads...there fun to do and you could easily collage yours with whatever interests you..flowers, etc.

Re: Great Crates

Love the crate table...simply perfection!


Are you refer to the Salvage Studio gals from Edmonds WA?!
Love this piece - great job!

Re: Vintage Leather Suitcase

Love it!

Re: Catch Me on The Today Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda!

How exciting!!! I so happy for you!

Re: spoon lite cosie

Love this! Hope you don't mind if I try to create one too!

Re: Necklaces crafted from Silver Antique & Vintage Fork & Spoon Handles

Thought I would answer a few questions that have been raised about the flatware necklaces.Sorry it took so long?

How can you tell that an old piece of flatware is silver?
well, I've learned over time that silver is heavier than stainless stell. As well as, Silver tarnishes. So, if you pick up an old spoon or fork that feels a little heavy and you can tell at one point it used to be beautiful, it definately will be once you clean it! LOL

Do we use a grinder to asw off the end? Yes! In fact we have jars full of the bottom halves of spoons and forks...savings those for a project I have in mind. And the bending my hsband does...I'm just lucky that he's a blue color kinda guy, who works with heavy metal all day!

Thanks for all of the wonderful commnets, feedback and suggestions!

Claudia AKA JunkMama

Re: What's Happening at Warrenton, Marburger, Round Top?

Ok, seriosuly, I'm going to have to twist the arm of my Texan Sister (she lives outside Houston) and MAKE HER go to Warrenton this fall with me! Everytime I read about the event I get jealous of those who get to go! Time to change that!

Re: City Wide Garage Sale, Georgetown, Texas

Wish I lived in Georgetown Texas - I would be in heaven! LOL

Re: Offbeatunique

Love your business name...very creative! I also love the record album sign so much I may copy it! THanks for sharing!

Re: Disgarded Fireplace Stand turned Necklace holder!

Thanks for the compliments ladies! And isn't it funny how sometimes you find something and you immediately get an idea!?!

Re: Vintage Barrel Table

Rob, OMG your right! I hadn't thought of that, but now I absolutely can vision a couple of old geezers playing checkers outside a General Store. Thanks!

I'm thinking about repaining the lid a bright white, I think the dark barrel will stand out more.

Thanks for the comments - much appreciated!


Re: A Handmade Gift

Love it - I'm definately going to make one of these!!

Re: It's 'Sew' Easy To Pretty Your Home

Can I be your friend?!

Re: Junk to Pretty - $7.00 table

What a great idea! Mind if I copy?

Re: Do you see what I see?????

I see a junkers paradise...the first thing that came to mind was the ability to make an awesome rustic table! Have fun!

Re: Shabby Chic Floral Lamp

Thanks for the wonderful comments everyone. Fellow Junker - glad to hear you love Value Village too! And, if you ever make a trip to the Seattle Goodwill, let me know, I'll meet ya there! Hubby in tow...as he loves to dig for the cast iron matchbox cars...

Candy, That's great that you have a Goodwill Outlet near you too! I only discovered ours (through a friend) a few months ago, and have gone almost every Saturday since!

Sue - Thanks for the comment about the light - I thought so too!

Have a great evening everyone - I'm off to watch the Bachelor Finale'....gotta love the local guy Jason Mesnik!

Re: Dick and Jane wall border for 12.00

SO pretty! Are those tea cups hanging on the top of the lamp?

Re: How-To Make a Tricycle Tire Cookbook Holder

I absolutely LOVE this piece...and will have to create one for myself! Thanks, as always, for sharing your ideas!

Re: Old door vanities and benches

Wow, I LOVE the door/vanity concept...especially the Old door married to an old radio cabinet! You have a fantastic junkers imagination...hope you don't mind if I borrow your idea!

Thanks for sharing!

Re: Teacup - Tealight Candle Holders

Hi Wanda - go for it - I'm flattered! I'll look forward to seeing pictures of your creations...
Happy Junking,

Re: Studio Junk

I love what you've done with the old doors, as well as, you've done an incredible job of mixing old and new things together! It must also be a blast to have your business in a 110 year old bldg with such character!

Re: trophies, trophies, trophies!

Have you thought about making garden art out of them? I've seen people mount tops of trophies on various items and place them in the garden.

And, ironically, although I'm from the Seattle Area, my youngest daughter received her Bachelors Degree from ENMU and I traveled to the Portales/Clovis area three to four times a year! But, she's home now, so although I'd love a free trophy or two, I'm won't be traveling to NM for awhile.. funny how it's a small world though!

Happy Junking,
Claudia AKA JunkMama
Urban Iron Art & Newtiques

Re: Thinking Big!

I absolutely LOVE this piece! It's a wonderful in-door/out-door piece of furniture and I can't believe it was your FIRST project?! Amazing! Keep up the good work!

Happy Holidays,

Re: Necklaces crafted from Silver Antique & Vintage Fork & Spoon Handles

Yes, we often do find monogrammed pieces, and once turned upside down (after bending the stems of the flatware) "M"s become "W"s and so on...which brings more creatvie thinking!

Thanks for the compliment about the leather cords...we often do get the twenty something or hip Mom buying these pieces!

Re: My Whimsy

OMG! It does look like a wedding cake! Gorgeous!

Re: A few of my Upcycled Creations...from Furniture to Sculpture

Oh I love the term "upcycled furniture" - may I borrow it?! Oh and I absolutely love your recreated pieces!

Re: Bits n Pieces - The Heart has a Pattern

This is awesome! It reminds me of a project I made recently - where I used an upside down glass candle holder and some felt and made a coaster. You could easily do something similiar if you cut your scrapbook paper in a circle and then added your artistic touches! You seem to have a real nack for making junk look beautiful!

Re: Antique Mahogany Chair

I absolutely LOVE this chair! The fabric you picked really compliments the wood!

Re: Vintage Surveyor's Ruler Art Piece

Very nice & artful!

Re: Tea Cup Birdfeeders

Thanks for the kind words...I'll share them with Tom (my hubby) as I know he'll appreciate them! Happy Holidays!

Re: This little table's got game!

Ah, I absolutely love this table! And I need to make one for my son...! And, I was just thinking "now, why didn't I think of that!?" LOL - thanks for sharing!

Re: "Dumpster Diving Diva Window"

Deidre...cant' wait to see you at Sanford & Son's Fleamarket this weekend...and you know I LOVE the window! Nice seeing another local junker posting on the Junk Market too!

Re: calling all ladies... here is a sheet metal high heel shoe i made from scrap sheet metal.

Not sure how I missed seeing this piece - but WOW! It's fantastic! Can't wait to show my welding hubby this picture!

Re: Collage Dresser

Thanks for all of the wonderful comments...you can tell I love being a Mom...even though my kids are older and need me less..wink, wink.

Re: an old drawer found on the side of the road.

Wow, you do amazingly beautiful work!

Re: Shuttered shelf

I have two shutters and now I KNOW what I want to do with them! OMG! This is so adorable and I love how you used picture frams for the roof and your embellishments are so adorable! Thanks for sharing!

Re: A "renewed" chalkboard

I LOVE this sign, especially the bling! I bet people try to buy it from you, don't they!?

Re: Music stand turned side table

Very cute! I love this...now off to find a music stand cast off...

Re: more finds from Damon's house of junk...found a 5 gallon bucket of water valves handles

Wow! What an AWESOME find! I am sooo jealous! My mind is just going crazy thinking about ALL of the wonderful items you can create with the water values! Be sure to post your creation or creations, once their complete!

Re: Make-Up Collage Table

Thanks for all of the notes of praise regarding the vintage/beauty collage table! They made me blush and inspire me to keep being creative!

Re: Shimmer Me Timbers

I absolutely LOVE this piece!

Re: Are You Sick of the Silver Yet??

Do you have more pictures of this piece? I would love to know how you put it together, so I could make one!