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Re: Happy May Day!

OK, how about Fleabites or Fleabits. (since it is small and gives ideas)

Re: 2 Painted chest of drawers

This is wonderful. You are very talented!! Did you do it all free-hand?

Re: Tiny Pink Teacup Tulle Tree

This is really adorable!! I love to decorate with "trees" depending on the season. Love the pink, too.

Re: 1940's cook stove

Oh, what a wonderful gift!! It is beautiful just as it is!!
You certainly don't find these stoves in that kind of shape. It, belonging to a family member, makes it more special.

I love how you have it decorated.

Re: Sunday Swap meet

What fun!!! I love these items. The orange glass/candle piece especially caught my eye.

Re: Newcomers Please Read

Hello, I do have to say "I love this site". I was introduced to it at Oronoco! I hope to add some "crafty" projects soon too. But, do love the ideas I have seen from you all.

Oh, I noticed the post from junkin4fun and it kind of threw me as I am Junk4fun...We both must be relatives from the "4fun" family.