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Hi Everyone! What a great site this is....
I am a junkaholic. It is so hard to throw anything away. I love to go to flea markets, garage sales, estate sales, and pick up road side freebies. I always have a project Im working on. I call it being green because we find a new purpose for things that already exist.

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Wheelbarrow Combo

This Wheel Barrow was married with a Lawn Mower in order for my Brother to continue working around the house with one arm after surgery on his rotator cuff.  You know cowboys, they...

New Use for Chicken Nests

I took an old galvanized 6-hole hen nest and painted it white. Hung on the wall, it holds my food storage bowls.   You know how much room those take up in your cabinet?

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Re: Do you see what I see?

Yes, I see the jack-o-latern, but for winter, I see the head of a snowman with a little hat. Find two larger circles or even wheels and wha-la - a whole snow man.

Re: Ugly brown chair turned Shabby Chic!

Gorgeous! Perfect make-over.
Keep it coming.

Re: Not Your Average Shower Curtain Rings

What fun you are having with bottle caps. I just bought a box full of them. I have seen them painted white on both sides and dangled on an old vintage chandelier painted white also. From a distance, they appear to be crystals. Shabby shiek appeal. Ooh! La La!