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Vintage Marketplace Comes to Indianapolis!

Join a select group of invited purveyors of vintage, antique, junque, artisans, craftspersons, local gourmands, stylemakers and stylebreakers for a monthly celebration of all things unique, indie...

Antique & Vintage for the Holidays.

My earliest memories include being around the antique business. I set up at my first show at age 3- selling $19 and buying a Christmas tree (dad was in the booth next to me- these were much simpler...

Picking in Springfield

Haul from this May's Springfield Extravaganza

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Re: It's a Pleasure to introduce Kristofer Bowman the Inventorialist

It's great to have Kristofer joining Team Vintage Marketplace in Hendersonville. Now I need to find a way to keep my wife from shopping in his booth for three days straight.

Re: Antique & Vintage for the Holidays.

Thanks for the warm JunkMarket Style welcome. Looking forward to sharing thoughts, pictures and ideas. FYI- that picture came from the Sprignfield Extravaganza- one of my all-time favorite things.

Re: Picking in Springfield

Soft Serve Cone now resides in basement. The four legged piece was a plant stand of some sort, very cool, but long gone.