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I am currently employed at a shop where mining equipment is rebuilt. The brass and steel parts that are scrapped give me access to some unusual objects that most people dont see. I am a hobby artist and hope you enjoy seeing some of my work. Constructive criticism is appreciated!

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Test #1

An experiment with some odds and ends

Medusa Revisited

Another piece using brass and steel industrial scrap.

Graven Images

I made these figures at work with some scrapped parts from underground mining equipment

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Re: Test #1

Thanks for your observations. I like this "art-form" as I am often surprised at how the work turns out. Maybe its not really art, but its more fun than self-mutilation.

Re: Graven Images

I see what you mean, from this angle. I don't usually give these pieces titles as I think it allows the viewer to see what they see. Naming an abstract figure makes it less abstract to me.