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Round Top, Texas Junkin'!

The famous fleas in Round Top, Texas beckon. Catch Sue Whitney at the following fleas near Austin, Texas. Get your book signed and learn from the JUNKMASTER. Here's a glance at her schedule. As Sue says, "yee-diddy-haw!"

An Oronoco Adventure

"What actually happened at Oronoco?" A punctual recap of Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days.

We're on Facebook!

Proving it can be hip, cool, and trendy, JUNKMARKET has thrown itself into the world of Facebook.

Great Marburger Pictures!

The Marburger Farm Antique Show website posted a TON of great pictures of Sue and the Junk Beautiful book tour.

Oronoco Contest Winner!

Huddling around some token pieces of junk (and Chloe,) we finally chose our Oronoco '08 winner.

Recent comments

Re: Farewell Jedi Junk - May the Force Be With You

Thanks for the kind farewell, Sue!

My time at JUNKMARKET, like most things in my life, can be summed up through Star Wars.

As a total junk newbie, my first tour through the JUNKMARKET warehouse had my eyes wide in shock. Like Luke Skywalker on his first glance of the Millennium Falcon, I thought, "what a piece of junk!"

Junk isn't a bad thing, though. The JM crew and all of the JMS members taught me that. Flea markets aren't a wasteland of ill goods, they're treasure havens. It's fascinating how something old and "junky" can take on new life with charm, class, and style. (Affordable style, no less.) Why be cookie-cutter and buy newfangled goods when you can create your own fascinating style?

It's an appreciation--one that all of you have helped me achieve. So THANKS to everyone, especially the JUNKMARKET crew for enlightening my view of "style." Junk may be old, and sometimes crusty-looking, but it's one-of-a-kind and purely your own.

Recall the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo's "piece of junk" freighter.

That thing is the fastest ship in the galaxy!


P.S. I only wish that were my car.