I love dumpster diving. Most of my house is designed with garage sale items and things I found being tossed out. I also love to knit, crochet, make wood signs, etc. My son is a Marine on his way back to Iraq for the second time. I have 2 daughters and 7 grandchildren that are my world. I keep very busy every day making things and baking for our troops. My days are very full and I love it.

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Re: Summer Deck made from Pallets

This is awesome. I also love your table. I have been looking all over for a table exactly like this for my kitchen. So far, no luck. :(

Re: Make your own coffee bean sack window shades

I put a burlap potato sack from my local farm on my kitchen window. I just folded in half over the rod and it looks great. No sewing or cutting needed :).

Re: Primping in the Ladies Room

Love the job you did on your bathroom. The sink is beautiful. A couple of years ago I saw a sink made from an old wine barrel in a junk shop. I am still kicking myself for not buying it.

Re: Bathroom Junk

What a great idea using the toy truck. I love it!

Re: Junky Bedroom makeover-Old door headboard

I love your room. I too have an old, old door as my headboard and it's one of my favorite things in my bedroom.

Re: Help!!! Ideas Needed

Hi Gretchen,

Have you looked on Ebay under scales? You might see one like it there and can get a little more information about it.

Since it is a scale, I would put it in the bathroom. Is there a way you could add a small light to the back and use it as a nightlight? I think if it was in the bathroom the glow would be really pretty around it.