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My name is Susan Edwards. I began my career in the creative sector during the summer of 1989, working as a picture-framer for a small art gallery in Lakefield, ON.

Discovering my love for vintage folk art in the early nineties, while employed at a neighbouring antique shop, I worked away in the back studio, restoring and refinishing pieces while listening to crackly, old jazz music.

In 91 I moved to the UK and spent five years in Sheffield, England, where my career continued as an exhibit designer & picture framer at a contemporary art gallery in Hillsborough.
Soon after, I began working as a freelance decorative artist and designer in cafes, pubs & shops and pre-Victorian homes. Trompe loeil, small murals and hand painted details were the designs of choice by innovative clientele steeped in tradition.
Returning to Canada in 1996, I continued my whimsical, decorative artistry in private homes and collections. In 1997 & 2002, I became a full-time mother to two beautiful children.

Becoming a mother definitely made me more environmentally aware and concerned about sustainability. I have always been eco-minded because I grew up in financial hardship, in a household with frugality and a waste-not, want-not mentality. My parents would save piles of newspapers for the local animal shelters, they would re-use bread bags for our lunches and with six children, we were thrift store regulars long before it was a trendy thing to do. I upcycled my first light bulb as a child, creating this funny, little doll with a shiny, grey face and a mop of orange yarn hair.

I opened Humblepie in June 2011. I wanted to combine the elements of my love of vintage & my creative inner life with sustainability in mind. I decided to name the shop Humblepie to reflect the idea that we really need to be taking a good, long look at our consumer habits and re-think ideas about what it is we really want and need to make ourselves happy. The idea that we must use new materials is slowly destroying our environment and demoralizing our world. So, I think we all ought to take a step back and accept that using post-consumer materials is the humble way to go. Hence the name- Humblepie!

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Hollow Door Room Divider

These are hollow mdf doors upcycled into a room divider. Painted in a multi-layered, distressed finish, they add a beautiful rustic and cozy feel to any large room.