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I didnt get into junking until a couple of years ago. I started with soda can art and Im branching out from there.

However, since my youth Ive always been one for recycling and reusing and passing on whenever possible. Its an inherited gene from BOTH of my parents. Kind'a the best of both worlds.

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Re: The alleys provide again!

I like the upswing on those doors. I think I'd make a simple rectangular box frame (from one-by white wood [or pine] to match the 'minimum' height dimension of the doors). I'd include two shelves inside (spaced at least 10-12 inches apart). For strength and stability I'd attach a thin plywood (or masonite) back and use these doors as the front (after painting them).

You might even consider building a face frame to mount onto your shelving unit and mount the doors to that facing for a more 'finished' appearance. But that would take some special consideration and might be a bit too tricky.

It'd make great storage hung in a laundry room above the washer, or somewhere in the garage, or even in a bedroom (possibly above a similarly painted dresser).