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Re: Vintage Vogue Frame

I love collage, and I LOVE your first piece! Get busy with those other frames your friend gifted you *smiles*


Whre are all of you finding these old stamp holders!!? I would sooooooooo love to have one.

Artfully - Sherry

Re: Table Top Made With Old Printing Press Type

You can find letter types on etsy here:
They aren't cheap though.

LOVE the table!!!

Re: Organize Your Desk with Dominoes

ooooooooh, love this project! something new to do with dominoes besides make bracelets and necklaces *smiles*

Re: Glass Cigar Tubes - Totally Tubular Project

I love your use of buttons instead of the "usual" rocks everyone uses! Nice . . . very nice. Sherry

Re: 1 Deli Dispenser, How Many Ways?

My favorite is the toilet paper holder and the powder room!

Re: "Distant Memories" Shadow Box

This is just fabulous! At first when I was reading your post, I thought it said the box was 2 1/2" x 2", and I was thinking, "how in the world did she make that music roll so daggone small?" LOL

I was just gifted with 5 rolls in their boxes a week ago, and someone sent me to junk market style to see what people were doing with theirs. I am so happy to have found this group!

artfully, Sherry